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23 Awful Realities Of Living In An Apartment

Are they bowling up there...?

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1. You will never have an upstairs neighbor who is quiet. Never.


2. ...and you will often wonder what it is they're even doing up there.

It's either bowling OR dragging various dead bodies across the floor.

3. Sometimes you fantasize about what you might do to stop the problem...


4. The joy of having your own parking space will wear off the moment you discover no one in your building knows how to park.


5. A "no pets" policy WILL slowly chip away at your happiness.

P.S. It's spelled "allowed," you DOVE-LOVING MONSTER.

6. You will be in awe of how much garbage the average apartment dweller can produce.

...and also at how long it takes the average building management to do something about it.

7. And you will find garbage everywhere.

Also, what is a garbage room?

8. If you're a musician and NOT a monster, your life will be difficult in an apartment.

Conversely, if you're a musician and you ARE a monster, you will make everyone in your building miserable.

9. It will take approximately five years for anything to get repaired.

You could hire your own repair person, except you'd have to pay a crazy amount and your landlord will yell at you.

10. People are more disgusting than you could have ever imagined.

11. At some point, your water WILL be shut off.

It's not a matter of if, but when.

12. Want something repainted? You'd better like beige.

Cannot wait to have my own house and paint it NOT BEIGE.

13. People LOVE writing passive-aggressive notes instead of talking to people.

I find YOU inappropriate, tbh.

14. Like, there will be entire conversations conducted in note form by people who will NEVER speak to each other.

And they say letter writing is a lost art.

15. The majority of these signs WILL be crazy.

Are these raccoons paying rent?

16. Things not nailed to the ground or walls will be "borrowed."

So buy the cheapest floor mat you can.

17. Your decorations probably look a little something like this.

No room? No problem!

18. If you're lucky enough to have on-site laundry, you'll barely be able to use it.

19. And then, when you do manage to find a washer and dryer, there's little indication you'll see your clean clothes again.

You're welcome for all these granny panties with broken elastic, I guess?

20. And if you own a bike? Well. Good luck with that.

21. Live in a building with someone who has a bike? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT TOO.

22. Someone will think it's OK to do a few repairs at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday.


And last but certainly not least...

23. You WILL hear your neighbors having sex.


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