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18 Halloween Struggles You'll Recognize If You're From A Hot Place


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1. Becoming annoyed that basically every costume for sale is made of polyester, aka The Devil's Synthetic.

It traps sweat and roasts you alive as you wear it. Which is actually pretty ideal for Halloween.

2. Crying because all the chocolate treats you collected have melted into a messy slop.


3. Wondering why it is that people hand out candy and not slushies.

Why not just feed people a ~spooky~ amount of ice cream, you know?

4. Knowing that, no matter what you dress as, you'll look like a molten sad clown by the end of the night.

Hot mess.


5. Having to default to a "sexy" version of any given costume because anything else would result in heat exhaustion.

You see a "sexy costume," we see "wearing as little fabric as possible because it is seriously as hot as the surface of the sun outside."