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    21 Dating Worries That Keep Shy People Up At Night

    (((Silence intensifies.)))

    1. Your first thought when you have a crush is usually "OH GOD, NO."


    Because now your whole life is going to revolve around wondering whether you'll actually ever tell this person.

    2. You do NOT stalk online; you're MERELY figuring out your crush's interests without having to actually talk.


    I'm not stalking; I'm SLEUTHING.

    3. You have seriously considered trying to telepathically tell your crush you like them.

    (With ass telepathy. Obvs.)

    4. You're always looking for, and missing, opportunities to talk to 'em.

    That moment when you miss a 16 hour opportunity to ask someone out because you're just too damn shy. #facepalm #shy #shyproblems

    5. You've actually spent way too much time rehearsing the right thing to say.


    Maybe there's an understudy who can take over...?

    6. You're afraid your crush will think you're boring because you're so quiet in person.


    Screaming "I LOVE YOUR DUMB BEAUTIFUL FACE" on a first date is frowned upon, after all.

    7. ...Or just super flustered and awkward.

    ::Did I just say "LOL" out loud to someone I'm trying to impress?!::

    8. Plus, you're much better at talking to your crush online than in person.


    I will fave you so you know it's real.

    9. But then there's the issue of getting their information in the FIRST place.

    When you really want his snapchat but you're too shy to ask for it 😪 #ShyProblems

    10. So it takes you a liiiittle bit long to actually let your crush know you're interested.

    11. You worry that, once they get to know you, they'll be weirded out by the difference.

    12. And you're terrified of seeming too quiet meeting their friends, because you feel you HAVE to impress them!

    13. And meeting their family? OH GOD, THE PRESSURE.

    Paramount Pictures


    14. You're way too afraid of messing up what you meant to say.

    I cannot say one sentence w/o fucking it up #shyproblems

    Your face great tongue like! I mean...

    15. And if you see 'em out with a group of people, forget it. You'll be standing outside the circle, not talking.

    Focus Features

    16. And when they compliment you, you don't know how to deal.

    17. Whenever your pookie schnookums wants to take a picture together, you want to flee.


    Crop me out.

    18. And forget about trying to set a thirst trap with a selfie.

    19. If you blush, you become nervous that your date KNOWS when you're feeling shy.


    20. And, if you're dating a fellow shy person, going out to an event together usually means ONLY talking to each other.

    You're not TRYING to be THAT COUPLE, and yet...

    21. And people actually think "don't be shy" is actually good dating advice.

    Oooooh, OK! See here I was trying to be MORE shy.

    Just remember:

    Even if it takes you a little longer than most...

    Big Machine

    ...You'll get there.