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How Much Of A Krampus Are You?

Don't let us KRAMP your style. lol. Sorry.

The Krampus is a horned figure that eats children who misbehave around Christmastime, usually in scenic Alpine villages.

Krampus looks like this:

Krampus has his own night, celebrated on December 5th, called "Krampusnacht." Yup, his own night. LIKE A BOSS.

On that night, Krampus roams the street searching for bad children so that he can give them coal. OR drag them to Hell. Depends on his mood. You know how it is!

Sometimes he's joined by St. Nicholas, who just sort of lets this goat-monster to consume children. Like any of us would, TO BE HONEST.

And a Krampuslauf is a procession of revelers dressed up like Krampus. The custom is to offer Krampus a drink, because Krampus loves to party.

No coal for Krampus. Only wine coolers!

Now. How Krampus-eque are you?