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Shaved Ices That'll Make You Glad It's Summer

Or Hawaiian shave ice, or Sno Cones, or granizados, or frío frío...

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OK, before the weather gets face-meltingly hot, we're gonna need to discuss raspados.

Because shaved ice is THE way we're gonna beat this heat.

Some raspados feature larger shards of shaved ice coated in fruity, sugary syrup.

Refreshing af.

...And others are more blended, with a smoother texture.

They're not really TRUE raspados, but we still hold them in our hearts. And stomachs.

Sure, you can buy yours at a stand or in a restaurant, but the BEST kind come from carts.

Often, the person manning the cart will prepare yours fresh from a big block of ice.

Lots of countries have their own spin on shaved ice! This one comes with gummies and mochi!


Can't choose just one flavor? No worries!

Pick all your favorites.

...Or even go for EVERY flavor.

Taste the rainbow.

Prefer some fire with your ice? Try a Diablito!

Here's how to make one at home! It's pretty simple.

...Just make sure to top the whole thing off with Mexican candy!


Feeling fancy? Drench your raspado with champagne.

You only live once!

Go crazy and top your raspado with a scoop of ice cream!

The different textures go great together.

The beauty of raspado is that you can go as simple...

...Or as CRAZY as you want.

This one is practically a meal in itself.

Whichever you choose, rest assured it'll be beeyooteeful!

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