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    26 Times Mariah Carey Perfectly Described Being In High School

    I won't lie to you, lambs: High school can be tough.

    1. When you want to share how you really feel about group projects.


    Cannot with these lesser beings.

    2. When the teacher calls on you because you're clearly daydreaming in class.

    Mariah Carey VEVO

    I don't know what the square root of X is because unicorns.

    3. When your name gets special mention during the morning announcements.

    Mariah Carey VEVO

    I'd like to thank everyone who made this moment possible!

    4. When you realize you're only able to retain a few key terms from your foreign language class.

    Silence. Silencio. Stilte. Stille. الصمت.

    5. When you're seriously wondering whether you even need school to make a career out of just being you.


    Excuse me, but I'm the founder and CEO of Me For Real Industries, Inc.

    6. When you're wondering if you could skip an exam by feigning illness.


    I can't...I have butterfly flu. It's very rare.

    7. When you have a pop quiz on a Friday.


    Why are you doing this to me on Saturday eve.

    8. When you're trying not to get picked last for a basketball team in gym class.


    Please don't pick me last for sportsball.

    9. When you clearly didn't study for your history exam.


    The term is "Romani" and also you have an F.

    10. When the teacher asks if you copied a classmate's homework.


    Who? What? Me?

    11. When you make friends with a freshman during Spirit Week.


    You are #blessed, young one.

    12. When it's picture day.

    Oh, lambs, this just won't do.

    13. When you miss the bus.

    Mariah Carey VEVO

    Oops. I guess I'll ask one of my fans...I mean...classmates for a ride home.

    14. When you're making a presentation to the class.

    Mariah Carey VEVO

    I want to thank all my lambs for coming out to see me today.

    15. When you manage to get to class on time.

    Mariah Carey VEVO

    Hello, yes, I have arrived.

    16. When a teacher assigns homework over vacation.


    Why would you do this.

    17. When you spy a hot new student walking down the hall.

    Mariah Carey VEVO


    18. When someone reminds the teacher they haven't assigned homework yet.



    19. When the teacher asks you to read aloud for the class but you left your book at home.


    Once upon a time I literally could not and they lived happily ever after the end.

    20. When it's finals week.


    Too stressed to focus on anything except being stressed, my lambs.

    21. When it's the week of parent-teacher conferences.


    I left my halo in my locker.

    22. When it's like a month before break but you're still so excited.


    You can leave any and all presents and cards by my locker, thank you!

    23. When there's a substitute.


    Aww yisssss.

    24. When the teacher announces your final will be open-book.

    Mariah Carey VEVO

    *Sings so high only angels can hear.*

    25. When the teacher asks you to stay after class.

    Mariah Carey VEVO

    Typical stan behavior.

    26. When you're trying to distance yourself from who you were in middle school.


    Let's not dwell on the past.

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