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21 Things That Inevitably Happen At The Container Store

Cannot... contain... self.

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2. You will wonder how you've managed to survive all this time without owning 2,007 clear storage bins.

"If I purchase enough clear bins, my life will begin to make sense."

3. You will stand in front of an entire rainbow made of hangers, in awe.

"WHY AM I SO INTO THESE HANGERS?" you will ask yourself. It's because of the spell. The ancient Container Store spell.


5. You will hate your closet.

It's gonna need a complete overhaul. Better buy the entire store.

6. You will pity those who don't know the wonders of Elfa.

Elfa is Swedish for "NOW I'M AN ORGANIZED ADULT, RIGHT?"

7. And you WILL HAVE TO buy another shoe thing.

Never enough shoe things. BUY ALL OF THE SHOE THINGS.

8. At some point, you will pause and wonder whether your entire home is an actual disorganized mess.


"I don't have a container for my collection of tiny containers. Have I been 'adulting' wrong this whole time?" (Don't worry, though. You're actually doing fine.)


10. You will end up buying storage for every item in your life.

"OF COURSE I need a place to store batteries of various sizes. IT'S SO OBVIOUS NOW!"

12. You'll spend way too much on stationery, which naturally means that...

14. You will stand in the travel section, inspired, and think I need to travel more.

"And also, I need to learn how to pack like a human Maybe a should buy this special suitcase pouch for bras. Do I need that? I do. I need five of them."

15. You will catch yourself thinking that, if you only buy enough kitchen storage, you will become a fabulous chef.

Fox / E!

"This bamboo recipe card box is all that stands between me and world-class cuisine."


19. As you head to the checkout line, you must stop yourself from buying ALL OF THE LITTLE GADGETS on display.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


20. You won't be able to help but enjoy this pun, every time:

GET IT? *chortles*

21. And finally, you find yourself counting the days until you return.