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14 Haikus For People Who Are Always Hungry

Hungry enough to eat my words, tbh.

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It is 10 a.m.And I am fully preparedTo eat so much lunch.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Ljupco / iStock

It is 10 a.m.

And I am fully prepared

To eat so much lunch.


Hot dogs. What are they?A sandwich, or... something else?I will take six, please.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Jupiterimages / Stockbyte

Hot dogs. What are they?

A sandwich, or... something else?

I will take six, please.


I want a tacoMade of pizza, topped with cheeseIn a burrito.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Jacob Wackerhausen / iStock

I want a taco

Made of pizza, topped with cheese

In a burrito.


Yes, I'll have burgers.Every single burger here.(Extra pickles, please.)
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via gresei / iStock

Yes, I'll have burgers.

Every single burger here.

(Extra pickles, please.)


Hey, would it be weirdTo eat a whole large pizzaIn like ten seconds?
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via dabjola / iStock

Hey, would it be weird

To eat a whole large pizza

In like ten seconds?


We held each other.Eyes locked, hands clasped. I whispered,"Gonna finish that?"
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Stockbyte / Valueline

We held each other.

Eyes locked, hands clasped. I whispered,

"Gonna finish that?"


If I have a snack,Will I ruin my dinner...?Who am I kidding.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Rasulovs / iStock

If I have a snack,

Will I ruin my dinner...?

Who am I kidding.


If you don't decideWhat we're having for dinner, It's gonna be you.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via b-d-s / iStock

If you don't decide

What we're having for dinner,

It's gonna be you.


My religion, myOrientation, and myMood are always "food."
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via g-stockstudio / iStock

My religion, my

Orientation, and my

Mood are always "food."


I am so hungry,I could eat twenty Thin Mints.And four Girl Scouts, too.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Mark Coffey / iStock

I am so hungry,

I could eat twenty Thin Mints.

And four Girl Scouts, too.


Guys. Live every dayLike you are Kobayashi,And life's a contest.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via glass-eye-studios / iStock

Guys. Live every day

Like you are Kobayashi,

And life's a contest.


In my defense, thoughThe sign said "all you can eat."And "all" includes chairs.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Lonnia / iStock

In my defense, though

The sign said "all you can eat."

And "all" includes chairs.


I have used the phrase"Technically edible"Way, way too often.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Fuse / Thinkstock

I have used the phrase

"Technically edible"

Way, way too often.


Oh, this is awkward.So, when I said "I love you"?I meant the pizza.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via LukaTDB / iStock

Oh, this is awkward.

So, when I said "I love you"?

I meant the pizza.

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