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16 Situations People Who Love Gossip Know Too Well

Petty, but pretty.

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1. When you need chisme like a plant needs sunshine, even if you heard it before:


2. When you’re just strolling along and suddenly remember that good chisme you heard about someone you hate:

Just a casual booty pop.

3. When you totally eavesdrop on some random stranger spilling the tea about something you know NOTHING about.

"IDK who Angie is, but I cannot BELIEVE she did that."

4. When the tea is so nice and hot you've got to sit down.

"What'd that heffa do now? I need every detail."

5. When the chisme is so good, it's distracting:

Do not operate heavy machinery while chisme is in play.

6. When you know there is never a wrong time or place to serve up a little tea:


7. When you need snacks to sustain you during an arduous chisme session:

These Takis will provide the minerals and nutrients you need to talk shit like a pro.

8. When you put on your "chisme face:"

"Mmmm-hmmm. What'd I tell you? What'd I tell you. I told you. You were told."

9. When you're just being honest:

Looove it.

10. When the chisme is A+ and you can't even hide it:


11. When you have chisme so good that it crosses time zones:

"I need to deliver this fresh cheese across the globe, ASAP. DO YOU COPY???"

12. When you're about to share some quality chisme, but your best friend reminds you to watch who you can trust with it:


13. When you know your neighbors provide the best soap opera:

"Tsk tsk. I don't know how she can trust a man who listens to Coldplay that loudly anyway."

14. When you and your friend are going to need some wine to go with your tea:

"Just pour it into this bucket and let's go."

15. When someone has the audacity to make you wait for gossip:

"Are you serious rn? I hate you."

16. And, of course, when the chisme is about you:

"Gossiping is wrong."

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