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16 Situations People Who Love Gossip Know Too Well

Petty, but pretty.

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1. When you need chisme like a plant needs sunshine, even if you heard it before:


2. When you’re just strolling along and suddenly remember that good chisme you heard about someone you hate:

Just a casual booty pop.

3. When you totally eavesdrop on some random stranger spilling the tea about something you know NOTHING about.

"IDK who Angie is, but I cannot BELIEVE she did that."

4. When the tea is so nice and hot you've got to sit down.

"What'd that heffa do now? I need every detail."


5. When the chisme is so good, it's distracting:

Do not operate heavy machinery while chisme is in play.

7. When you need snacks to sustain you during an arduous chisme session:

These Takis will provide the minerals and nutrients you need to talk shit like a pro.

8. When you put on your "chisme face:"

"Mmmm-hmmm. What'd I tell you? What'd I tell you. I told you. You were told."


9. When you're just being honest:

Looove it.

10. When the chisme is A+ and you can't even hide it:


11. When you have chisme so good that it crosses time zones:

"I need to deliver this fresh cheese across the globe, ASAP. DO YOU COPY???"


13. When you know your neighbors provide the best soap opera:

"Tsk tsk. I don't know how she can trust a man who listens to Coldplay that loudly anyway."

14. When you and your friend are going to need some wine to go with your tea:

"Just pour it into this bucket and let's go."

15. When someone has the audacity to make you wait for gossip:

"Are you serious rn? I hate you."

16. And, of course, when the chisme is about you:

"Gossiping is wrong."