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25 Secrets About People Who Love Spicy Food

Spice up your life!

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1. It's not really spicy unless it makes us sob uncontrollably.


We're weeping because we're happy!

2. We know we've hit our limit when we reach "mouth agape, feeling like a fire-breathing dragon" status.

😳 🔥😱🔥 😅

3. Yes, we are absolutely sure we want the highest spice level you can offer.


Every time:

"How do you want that?"

"Very spicy."

"Are youuuuu suuuuuure?"

4. The hottest Taco Bell sauce is nowhere near spicy enough.

Love you, TB, but like. Why are you playing?

5. Words like "nitro" and "dynamite" are best used to describe snacks.

Basically, if it sounds painful, it's gonna be good.

6. Likewise, the redder the snack, the better.

It's glowing with deliciousness.

7. No, come on, jalapeños aren't spicy.

It's practically a cucumber! Pshaw.

8. The worst pain in the world isn't eating something spicy, it's what happens the next morning.

Universal Pictures


9. We've learned the hard way to never, ever rub our eyes.

*cries forever*

10. We tend to be real specific when it comes to talking about spiciness.

Paramount Pictures

When you say hot, do you mean it hits you on your tongue? Your throat? Is it more of a nasal spice? DESCRIBE IT. USE YOUR WORDS.

11. And sure, we can get kind of snobby when it comes to sauces and spice level.

Fuji TV / Cartoon Network

Oh, you've never heard of a bhut jolokia? Do you even know how many Scolville units your favorite pepper is? Or how they're impacted by an individual's specific capsaicin sensitivity? Pfffffft!

12. And, yes, we will judge you for bragging about eating "sooo much" sriracha.

My Damn Channel


13. If we're gonna eat fruit, it'd better be topped with chili.

Some chili, some lime, maybe a sprinkle of salt and, boom. Snack of the gods.

14. We know that booze + spice is twice as nice.

A good spicy drink will numb your lips and make you happy.

15. Yes, we could definitely go for spicy ice cream.

In fact, there's a ghost pepper ice cream at The Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. They make you sign a waiver to eat it!

16. Keep the chicken soup. There's nothing more comforting when sick than a bowl of spicy ramen.

Clears everything out, tbh.

17. Regular ol' Tabasco sauce is basically for children.

It's great! But it's like baby's milk.

18. We truly don't understand people who own just ONE type of hot sauce.

AS IF they all had the same spice factor. Or vinegar to pepper ratio. Or consistency! GET OUT OF HERE.

19. We're always excited (and secretly terrified) of trying a new hot pepper.

Gimme dat ghost pepper. No wait, don't. NO, LET'S DO THIS.

20. And chances are there's at least one pepper that's a holy grail for us.

Talkin' 'bout that Carolina reaper.

21. Having to sign a waiver to eat something is a bonus.

Challenge? Accepted.!4-horsemen/cj5r

Challenge? Accepted.

22. Yes, sometimes we forget our own limits.

Why did I do this to the only body I have?

23. And we tend to get VERY competitive.

"I'll bet my tolerance for spicy stuff is higher than anyone's!"


24. Because remember, for us, the pain and the anticipation of it ARE the fun.

It's like masochism, but for delicious things.

25. And if you're wondering, yes, we will always have seconds.


Sure, we'll finish those atomic wings for you.

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