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    21 Harsh Truths No One Tells Teens

    Acne never really goes away.

    1. Your favorite way of communicating with your friends today is going to be a giant joke tomorrow.

    2. Flirting is never not awkward.

    3. You'll develop crushes your whole life.

    4. There is never an age when you stop getting zits.

    5. Like, there will definitely come a time when you develop both wrinkles AND pimples.

    6. And there's never a precise moment when you feel "NOW I'm an adult."

    7. The first time you get called "sir" or "ma'am" is going to feel SUPER WEIRD.

    8. Your suspicions are correct: You're not going to use most of what you learn in high school.

    9. Mean girls are always a fact of life.

    10. You will turn into your parents.

    11. You'll see everything you wore come back in style in about 15–20 years.

    12. The music you love today will one day be described as "oldies."

    13. You'll have nightmares about finals your entire life.

    14. Getting older doesn't necessarily make people smarter.

    15. Chances are, you WILL outgrow your high school friends.

    ...but you might have that one special friendship that's for life.

    16. Celebrities you obsess over now will probably not be relevant in, like, 10 years.

    17. There's going to be a day when someone says an abbreviation or slang word and you'll have NO IDEA what they mean.

    18. You will one day find yourself talking about "kids these days."

    19. Ninth-graders look younger and younger every time you see them.

    20. High schoolers will be terrifying to you your entire life.

    21. But just remember, you're moving on to bigger and better things.