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27 Heart Tattoo Ideas For Valentine's Day

Up with love.

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1. This beautiful heart design, which calls to mind Mexican tin art.

2. This crazy-gorgeous Escher-looking heart.

3. This pixelated cuteness.

4. This fantastically beautiful literal heart.

5. This awesome ode to love.

6. This perfect riot of color.

7. This traditional-style ode to l'amour.

8. This gorgeous collection of symbols.

9. This breathtakingly realistic rose and crystal.

10. This beautifully-detailed sleeve design.

11. This colorful ode to the greatest love of all.

12. This portrait of the love of your life.

13. This hot, hot vampire lovin.'

15. This fantastic neo-traditional work.

17. This mother and daughter's individual designs.

18. This stunning look at a work in progress.

20. This reminder of where the heart is.

21. This turquoise-accented wonder.

22. This ode to the real MVP.

25. This loving ode to music.