Would MAC Ever Release A Selena Makeup Collection?

    MAC has responded to a petition urging the company to commemorate the late Mexican-American star.

    This is Selena Quintanilla. Singer. Performer. Icon. And beautiful person.

    Currently, there's a Change.org petition to have MAC Cosmetics, which often features celebrity-inspired makeup, dedicate a limited-edition collection to Selena.

    The petition notes that such a collection would be particularly meaningful for Selena's Latina fans:

    Fans are also encouraged to participate by using the hashtag #SELENAQUINTANILLAforMAC.

    More than just a lipstick..❤️ #SelenaQuintanillaForMAC (I signed the petition..) @Change via @pattyrodriguez

    As of this posting, the petition has amassed over 20,000 signatures.

    The petition comes amid plans to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Mexican-American singer's death.

    MAC Cosmetics has responded with the following:

    "The loyalty and enthusiasm of Selena’s fans are clearly evident and we love this. M·A·C admires the passion and joy Selena brought to the world. She was an amazing person with amazing talent. We consider all types of feedback like this as we plan our collaborations."