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16 Tweets That Hilariously Describe Winter In Florida

It's beginning to look a lot like... summer?

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1. We kick things off by bidding farewell to all that beautiful fall foliage:

#winterinflorida the Bamboo leaves are falling

2. The distant* sound of sleigh bells help us ring in the season:

78f outside and I hear "Sleigh Bells" on the radio. #floridachristmas #floridaproblems @WDLawless1

*Literally thousands of miles away.

3. And we turn a festive shade of poinsettia red:

I got sunburned picking out our Christmas tree today. #FloridaProblems

4. We excitedly put on our winter shoes:

Ok, it's official. I desperately need a pedicure. It's obvious that flip flop season is not going away for us. #floridaproblems

5. Although, when it gets REALLY cold, we might have to put on another layer:

6. All the jackets and scarves on sale will look great hanging in our closets:

When all the stores are coming out with winter clothing but it is still 90 degrees outside #floridaproblems

7. Although hoodies ARE necessary. Shopping malls get cold, after all:

Whoever thinks that you don't need hoodies in Miami is dead wrong! Every buildings AC is turnt up to the max! #cold #floridaproblems

8. We certainly bundle up, making sure our ankles are nice and toasty:

Omg it's finally time to switch from cropped to full length leggings #winterinflorida

9. And when it gets REALLY cold, we pile on all our winter finery! Brrr:

Woohoo! Finally time to bring out the boots and sweaters! #WinterisHere #FloridaWinter

10. Sure, we might not have the snowiest winters...

Thought I saw snow on top of the dirt piles. Quickly realized it was sand. #floridaproblems #sunshinestate

11. ...but we do snow our own way:

12. Truth be told, some of these weird and wonderful winter contraptions might be a little new to us:

12 yr old walked up to me w/a turtleneck and asked, "What's THIS?!" I told him it was a turtleneck. "It looks WEIRD!" #floridaproblems

13. And, sure, the Christmas season does tend to look a lot like every season:

It's beginning to look a lot like every other day of the year #floridachristmas

14. But when the chestnuts are roasting and the fan's on low...

Aye...da hell's up with this chill in the 813?!? I had to set the ceiling fan down to low!!! #FloridaProblems

15. ....when dad's in the pool as we all dream of snow....

Gettin' ready forπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ! Christmas music βœ” Decorations βœ” Cookies βœ” Coffee βœ” My dad outside in the swimming pool...ummm 😳 βœ” #FloridaChristmas β˜€

16. ...there's one true thing that Floridians all know:

Except for today's cold front. High of 80, low humidity. #perfectweather #winterinflorida

OK, so fine. Our winters are more like "winters."

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