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    14 Beautiful Ways To Wear The Claddagh Design

    Hand to heart.

    The claddagh design is both beautiful and full of meaning.

    Traditionally worn as a ring, the hands on the claddagh signify friendship, the heart stands for love, and the crown atop it all is for loyalty.

    In addition, both the hand that wears the ring and the position the ring points have special significance as well.

    The design gets its name from the Irish village of Claddagh, located just outside the walls of Galway City.

    jojo7d / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 65588802@N04

    Quite lovely, isn't it?

    Here are a few beautiful ways to wear it...

    1. This sleek silver claddagh ring - $19.96

    A streamlined take on a classic.

    2. This spooky take on the claddagh ring - $195

    Being literal can be beautiful.

    3. This lovely pendant - $27.50

    This gold plate and crystal beauty dates back to the '80s.

    4. This ornate locket - $28

    The locket opens to reveal two oval frames for your pictures.

    5. This design incorporating a simulated white opal - $22.50


    6. These teeny gold earrings - $15

    Love the cuff detail on the hands.

    7. This vintage claddagh ring - $32

    The seller notes this particular ring, featuring a dark enamel inlay, is from the '70s.

    8. These elegant cuff links - $36.50

    A fancy way of incorporating the claddagh design into your wardrobe.

    9. This pendant, which also features a Celtic knot design - $36.80

    Double the Celtic goodness.

    10. This customizable message ring - $40

    This ring can include a special message of up to 20 characters.

    11. This adorable gold charm ring - $16

    Why not a charm instead of a band?

    12. This lovely bangle - $44.49

    The perfect segue to a "heart on your sleeve" pun.

    13. These amber drop earrings - $24

    A different way to wear a claddagh design.

    14. This ear cuff - $28

    Trendy + traditional.

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