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18 Harsh Truths About Friendship No One Ever Tells You

Friends for... nowish.

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1. Friendships are like plants: some require constant maintenance, some need to be watered once in a long while.

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But without your time and effort, they all wither.

2. It's OK to not have a "squad."

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And it's fine not to have "squad goals." You need friends. not extras.

3. Deep friendships all started with small talk.


So don't hesitate to through the "nice weather, huh's" in the very beginning. You've got to start somewhere.

4. At some point, you will feel left out.

Totally normal! This is especially true in a trio of friends.

5. You will wonder whether you don't form friendships as close or as strong as other people's.


Especially when you compare yourselves to friendships on TV and in movies.

6. But the truth is, some people have friends who become more like family...


7. ...and some have friends whom they simply hang out with for fun.


But would never dream of sharing their dreams or their fears with.

8. While some people are perfectly happy on their own.

The Weinstein Co.

It doesn't mean you're broken. I promise.

9. Putting out bad vibes attracts bad friends.


If you suspect your friends are awful people, think about the energy you're putting out. And then find better friends.

10. You will outgrow some friends.


This is natural and inevitable. And it doesn't mean you're a bad person.

11. Similarly, some friends will outgrow you.


It will hurt. But the hurt will pass.

12. You'll learn that you won't need the same KIND of friendships throughout your life.

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Your gossipy friends become your drinking buddies become your BFFs. Because life goes on.

13. And when it's more of a deep crack than a slow fade, a friend breakup will hurt just as deeply as romantic ones.


Take some time to mourn.

14. There is romance in friendship, too.

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Platonic love can be deep and romantic, too.

15. You might have different groups of friends, and they might not get along.


Don't try to force it.

16. It's natural to drift away from your friends when you start dating someone new.


Dating requires time, especially at the start. Be understanding of your friends when they date, and know they're not necessarily abandoning you. You should expect the same from them.

17. You are more likely to find your people as you get older.


When you're young, you are made to interact with the people who happen to be around, regardless of how much you may or may not have in common. As you become older and have more freedom to seek and to move about, you are better able to spend your time with the people you choose, rather than the people who are simply available.

18. It's important to be your own best friend.


You're the one who knows yourself best. So be good to yourself. You deserve it.

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