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Undeniable Proof That Flamin' Hot Cheetos Is The Only Snack That Matters

Cheeto dust in my hair, don't care.

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Throw your kale chips into the ocean. There is only ONE SNACK that TRULY MATTERS.

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Set your popcorn on fire. Blend all your other snacks into a milky paste and then launch 'em into space. GET THEM ALL THE WAY OUT OF HERE.

The one true snack is...

1. First of all, the bag is a WORK. OF. ART.

A bold palette of red and yellow and ochre and gold. A riot of dynamic ideas and fire-breathing cheetah realness. And the mish-mash of different fonts is truly *kisses fingertips* a delight to behold.


6. With each crispy, crunchy bite, you are transported to A REALM OF SPICE AND FIRE AND CHEESE DUST.


Only the finest cheese products are worthy of being turned into the fine dust that kisses each and every beautiful nanometer of a Flamin' Hot Cheeto.