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    Posted on Oct 29, 2015

    11 Questions Latinos Get Around The Holidays, Answered

    No, Día de los Muertos isn't Latino Halloween.

    1. Being greeted with "Feliz Día de los Muertos!" on Halloween.


    These are two separate and distinct holidays, my loves. (If you work, say, writing on the internet, a lot of this comes in the form of ill-advised press releases.)

    2. "Are you going to dress as one of those Latino skeletons?"

    20th Century Fox

    They look great, don't they? But this specific style of dressing is for honoring the dead and/or laughing in the face of death, as is the case with La Catrina -- she's a satirical take on the upper class (your wealth won't save you, after all). The tradition pre-dates Spanish colonization to Mexico, and not all Latinos celebrate this way.

    3. "But you guys don't celebrate Thanksgiving, right?"


    Some of us do! After all, we're Americans, too, and a lot of our families have been here for several generations. Our traditions are just like anyone else's -- too much food, lots of family, and someone yelling about football.

    4. "Every Latino celebrates Christmas."


    Nope. Latinos come from every religion, and some don't celebrate Christmas at all.

    5. "What do you eat for Christmas dinner?"

    6. "How come you guys celebrate on Christmas Eve?"

    It's not just Mexicans! Lots of Latinos have a special dinner on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) in anticipation of the Big Day, and then might have a more low-key celebration on Christmas Day.

    7. "Does that mean double the presents?"

    GifsforGomez Tumblr / Via

    That's a Latino secret.

    8. "What's with Three Kings' Day?"

    9. "Intriguing. Is there food involved?"

    10. "Can I be invited next year?"

    And finally, the most terrifying question of all...

    11. "¿Y tu novio?"


    🎃 😱 🎄

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