17 Reasons Gap Teeth Are Awesome

    Don't mind the gap.

    1. You're in great company.

    2. ...Yet unique.

    3. Yup, you're flawless.

    4. "Diastema" seriously sound like the name of a goddess.

    5. You have a store named after your teeth, OK?

    6. Gap teeth can be a sign of tenacity.

    7. You have ways to amuse yourself that the rest of us can only dream about.

    8. You can turn a perceived flaw (pffft) into a signature look.

    9. In some cultures, gap teeth are considered a mark of sexiness, beauty, or both.

    10. ...Or luck!

    11. They also happen to be quite fashionable.

    Alek Wek and Lindsey Wixson are just two examples of sought-after models who rock gap teeth.

    12. Plus, celebrating your tooth gap helps "reclaim" it from negative associations.

    13. The aardwolf has a notoriously gap-toothed smile.

    14. Some people have even paid to have a gap put in. Yours is free!

    15. There's a movie all about women with gap teeth.

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    Films by Les Blank / Via youtube.com

    It's called, surprisingly, Gap-Toothed Women and it came out in 1987.

    16. You have an easy way of figuring out who is and isn't on your level.

    17. It's your smile, and that makes it undeniably fabulous.