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17 Reasons Gap Teeth Are Awesome

Don't mind the gap.

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3. Yup, you're flawless.

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If your teeth are causing you discomfort or health issues, then of course get them attended to. But the idea that a space between teeth (or freckles or hair texture or pale skin or dark skin or teeth that aren't blindingly white) is a flaw that has to be "remedied" only benefits the people and companies that make money off trying fix something that isn't broken.

Meaning: Your tooth gap isn't a flaw; it's a feature.


7. You have ways to amuse yourself that the rest of us can only dream about.

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Vanessa Paradis -- singer/beautiful person/gap tooth queen -- told Harper's Bazaar that she loves her gap teeth and would never change her smile. One reason? "I can spit water through them. They're useful!"


12. Plus, celebrating your tooth gap helps "reclaim" it from negative associations.

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Did you know, for example, that in Chaucer's time, women with gap teeth were seen as "lustful"? That's why the Wife of Bath, a notorious literary perv, has a gap-tooth smile.


Luckily, being loud and proud of your gap tooth helps shift public perception.


14. Some people have even paid to have a gap put in. Yours is free!


You can look up the fraught cultural and social history of the so-called "passion gap," for instance. The big takeaway? Fashion, attractiveness, sexual desirability, and status vary from culture to culture, and what can be looked down upon in mainstream culture can be prized within a subculture. Varying attitudes toward beauty and presentation are simply a part of that.

15. There's a movie all about women with gap teeth.

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It's called, surprisingly, Gap-Toothed Women and it came out in 1987.

16. You have an easy way of figuring out who is and isn't on your level.

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Anyone who would judge you based on your teeth is simply letting you know they're not worth your time. It's a favor, really. Thanks for the heads up!