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16 Faces All Latinos Will Recognize Around The Holidays

Abuela to the rescue.

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1. When your mom won't stop asking if you've greeted everyone...

"You're embarrassing me."
Paramount Domestic Television / NBCUniversal

"You're embarrassing me."

2. When your aunt informs you that you're getting "a little fat"...

Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Balboa Recording Corporation

3. When you're asked "¿Y tu novio?"...



4. When you finally get to see your favorite cousin...


5. When you're asked when you're planning on getting married, having kids, and owning a house with a white picket fence and two-car garage...

Televisa / Via Televisa

"I have it penciled in for the second week of NoneOfYourBusinenessuary."

6. When you pay your own bills, but are still sitting at the kids table with your little cousins...


7. When the wine and the gossip start flowing...


8. When your mom starts sharing your private business with your tías chismosas...

"Whose side are you on, b?"

"Whose side are you on, b?"

9. When your cousins start roasting you and you try to laugh along, but it hurts...


10. When your mom casually notes that you're on your third plate of food, but your abuela tells her "¡Déjala!...



11. When you're seated next to that one prima who's been talking shit all year...


"Heard you been telling lies in the family group text, BRUJA."

12. When you've had way too much coquito...

20th Century Fox

"Jajaja, I'm wasted. Gimme more."

13. When you've had 15 pounds of lechón or 789.3 tamales and then your abuela offers you dessert...

The Hot Hits / Via

14. When you bite into a turrón de alicante and nearly lose a tooth...


Mmmmm, almonds and teeth!

15. When your mom says it's time to say goodbye, but you know better...

Downgoes Fraser / Via


16. And finally, when the party never ends...

Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via

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