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    Sofia Vergara Shared Her Thoughts On Objectification, Diversity, And Boobs

    "I just don’t believe in all that drama."

    Sofia Vergara, who was among 2015's highest-paid female actors on television, recently sat down with Net-a-Porter‎'s The Edit magazine for a wide-ranging interview that included topics like diversity, objectification, and boobs.

    She had a whole lot to say! So here, in no particular order, are some of the things she shared:

    1. On watching herself age onscreen:

    2. On being funny:

    3. On stereotypes:

    4. On diversity in media:

    5. On objectification:

    "I've never understood why women get so offended [by being objectified]. I just don't believe in all that drama, which is why I've made a whole joke out of it. I am secure enough not to take it all that seriously, and I like to laugh at myself. My husband played a male stripper in Magic Mike – do you think he was offended by [the objectification]?"

    6. On the possibility of getting a breast reduction:

    You can read the full interview right over here.