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    Twitter Is Going In On A Post Comparing Kylie Jenner To Latina Celebs

    Apparently she's both a lil' Selena Q. and a bit of Selena G.

    A PopSugar article comparing reality star Kylie Jenner to eight iconic Latinas has been inspiring people on Twitter, including Latinx, to ~share their thoughts~ on the matter.

    The post also appeared under the site's "PopSugarLatina" vertical.

    The article was a slideshow comparing Kylie's Instagram pictures to images and outfits worn by well-known Latina celebrities. Like Selena Quintanilla:

    Other examples in the post include "showing off her booty," apparently like Jennifer Lopez...

    ...and posing in a crop top, like Mexican actress and singer Belinda.

    Chief among people's issues with the post was the comparison of Kylie to Selena:

    someone just compared the queen selena quintanilla to kylie jenner.............................. im never coming onto twitter ever again bye

    I really can't stand when Kylie Jenner gets compared to Selena or other famous Latina women saying that she looks like them, like TF BYE

    To many, the comparison was pretty much a joke:

    Beyond the jokes, people were quick to point out that Kylie was essentially celebrated for being something she is not:

    THAT is the issue with cultural appropriation. HOOOOOW Kylie Jenner looks Latina. HOOOOOOOOW.

    This isn't the first time Kylie, and media coverage of her style choices, have been called out for promoting cultural appropriation:

    So now Kylie Jenner is apparently replacing Latina women as well as black women! None of us exist now, basically.

    The issue is especially noteworthy given the lack of Latinx media representation in general:

    like there are barely any extremely popular latina celebrities to begin with how could you erase them all because of KYLIE JENNER

    Basically: People couldn't believe what they were reading:

    #twitpicyourface when you saw @POPSUGAR call Kylie Jenner "Basically a Mix of All Your Favorite #Latina Celebrities"

    Some made clear that the issue wasn't with Kylie herself, but with the comparison:

    nothing against kylie jenner, just against the ignorant people calling her a "latina mix" when shes def not.

    In fact, the whole idea was met with a resounding "NOPE":

    "kylie jenner is basically a mix of all your favorite latina celebrities" SÚPER NO.

    And...Kylie isn't Latina. So how is she somehow EVERY latina mixed together?

    Pop sugar saying Kylie is a mix of every Latina ever just because she has black hair and lip injections makes no damn sense

    Snapchat / Kylie Jenner


    PopSugar has taken down the post and released the following statement:

    "We hear your feedback on the original content of this post loud and clear. As proud Latinas ourselves, we know Kylie is not Latina and never meant to imply that she was; we were simply trying to point out the influence our strong, passionate community has on others. We apologize for any offense we caused."

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