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    21 Truths About Speaking Spanglish

    Spanish + English = LIFE

    1. You'll often use words that don't ~technically~ exist.

    2. You discover there are basically two types of Spanglish: Switching between the two in the same sentence, OR blending the two to create entirely new words.

    3. You know very well that there's such a thing as crying and laughing in English versus in Spanish.


    Haha! Ja!

    4. And you know that, while we're allowed to poke at ourselves, someone who doesn't speak Spanish better not even try it.

    5. You'll find that no one language can adequately express how you feel in times of stress.

    6. You become aware that "pero like" >>>> "Um" or "Uh"

    7. And you'll figure why use "please" when "plis" gets to the point so much faster?

    8. And if you forget how to say something in either language, just use "tiki-tiki."

    Hey, I can't find the tiki-tiki because Fulano took it and left to casa de carajo. He's always up to the same tiki-tiki nonsense.

    9. And, truly, nothing makes you feel at home more than signs that employ Spanglish to ~perfection.~

    10. You are well aware that dirty jokes work best when they're basically an inside joke for Spanglish speakers.

    11. You will realize that it also has the potential to be super, pero super cute.

    12. And nothing is so funny as LITERALLY translating things from one language to the other.

    13. It also allows you to beautifully and gracefully troll people who only know ONE language.

    14. I mean, the trolling is actually so great, we'll show it twice:

    15. Often, you'll find that some things just sound BETTER in Spanish over English.

    16. You can always tell when ads or magazines try too hard to relate to you when their Spanglish is just... off.

    17. Sometimes, speaking in Spanglish comes so naturally, you don't even realize you're doing it.

    18. Too often, the power of Spanglish is too great for modern technology.

    19. You end up speaking in what is pretty much an entirely new language.

    20. At one point, you'll wonder whether someone is telling you to go for it OR talking about some dude named Dale.

    21. You realize that Spanglish isn't just a mix of languages; it's an attitude.