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    22 Thoughts Girls Have At The Hair Salon

    Why didn't I bring some light reading, like Finnegans Wake.

    1. TIME FOR A HAIRCUT. My hair looks like I crawled right out of a TV and into your living room.

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    2. I mean, I could always try cutting it myself at home...


    No, wait. That's not a great idea.

    3. Everyone at this salon is judging me because my hair looks like a mistake.


    4. No! I forgot to bring reference photos! How do I explain the haircut I want?

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    Does "like Connie Britton, but also like Jem, but also like Zendaya" make sense?

    5. Am I supposed to make small talk?

    "Hi, HAIR are you, haha." No, stop.

    6. OK, we've been sitting in silence for a while. Does the hairstylist prefer it this way? Should I shut up for good?

    7. This is a lot of time sitting in silence. I should have brought a book.

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    8. Or my phone! Where's my phone?


    9. I should've waited for a Groupon. This haircut is going to cost me three kidneys.


    10. I spy a magazine. Can I ask for it? Should I just stare at it for a while?


    11. Why do I get my hair colored? This is going to take seven years.



    12. I've been cooking under this dryer so long. I'm positive my hair is falling out.

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    The bleach has eaten through all my hair and I'm bald. I'm bald now and I have to just learn to be OK with that.

    13. Also, I need to go to the bathroom.

    Disney Channel

    This is getting mighty awkward.

    14. This is far too long to be left alone quietly with my own thoughts.

    15. Funny how I never notice this particular portion of my skull until it's being bashed against the edge of a hair salon sink.

    dnberty / iStock

    16. OK, now I REALLY need to go. Can I just sneak out of this chair and go to the bathroom?

    17. OK, that's way too much hair on the floor.


    Is there a way of gluing some of it back?

    18. It feels like we're heading dangerously into mullet territory now.

    I need to prepare myself for life with a mullet. This is who I am now.

    19. Hairspray in my eye, hairspray in my eye.

    20. OK, now the big reveal. I'm scared.

    I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... afraid of having a bowl cut.



    22. This will be destroyed as soon as I take a shower.

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