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21 Awkward Bathroom Moments We've All Experienced

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2. Running into someone you know in the bathroom and wondering who will be the first to say hi.

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Nine times out 10, no one says hi and you're both trapped in a cycle on unmet gazes and half-smiles.


10. Laughing at another person's unexpected sounds.

Which may or may not be allowed in certain bathrooms.


13. Bringing your phone into the bathroom because why not and accidentally spending a suspicious amount of time in there.

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"Did Cheryl die in a highly embarrassing way? Or is she just playing Candy Crush?"


19. Running out of toilet paper in an empty bathroom.

Gorilla Sushi / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: gorillasushi

Do you wait for someone else to enter and plaintively ask for some toilet paper? Do you risk making a quick dash to another stall? Do you do... something... else?