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Three Regular Girls Try Living Like Kardashians For A Day

Don't be #$%&ing rude!

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First, there was the issue of LOOKING like them.

The sisters are known for being camera-perfect at all times, be it at the Met Ball or leaving the gym. And the three of us... are not known for that. So. Tiny challenge.

We enlisted the help of talented hair stylist Suzii Andrews from Stag Hair Parlor.

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

She used extensions to give our hair added length and body, and styled each of us based on looks the sisters would actually wear. This meant loose waves for Kourtney, a low pony for Kim, and a high ponytail for Khloé.

Here's Kirsten as Kourtney.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Kirsten: As someone who typically spends an average of 20 minutes getting ready in the morning, getting "Kardashian" ready was a change of pace for me. For starters, contouring your face is a lot of work and I am NOT very good at it. Thankfully the other girls were, because my first attempt looked like I left my makeup in the hands of a drunk baby. But hey, I felt pretty damn hot after the fact, so mission accomplished?


And Alex as Kim.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Alex: All apologies to Kim, who actually knows how to pose. I think I look truly ridiculous here, but I enjoy it. Enjoyably ridiculous. Ridiculously enjoyable. Chronicles of Ridiculous.

And Sheridan as Khloé.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Sheridan: I'm wearing all of the makeup. ALL OF THE MAKEUP. My skin is looking pretty fab so I can see why this contouring stuff is all the rage right now. I know my eye could be ~smokier~ but honestly I base my makeup routine on what is easiest to get off at the end of the night. Ain't nobody got time to get all that crap off of my eyes at 11 p.m. when I'm three glasses of Pinot Grigio to the wind (I promise, I'm cooler than I sound).

Naturally, the next thing we did was a photoshoot.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Alex: The photoshoot was the thing I was most nervous about, and it made me realize the lack of control you have while being photographed. I hated not being able to check and OK photos of myself to see whether I end up looking like Benedict Cumberbatch in a wig. Which is hot, but still.

Kirsten: So, not smiling in pictures is WEIRD to me – but it's something the Kardashian ladies have mastered. I like to think I have resting-nice-face, so trying to be all brooding and sexy at the camera was very bizarre. I think immediately after this picture was taken I probably broke character.

Sheridan: LOL photoshoots. I look like I have allergies. Getting that whole pout thing down is actually difficult. You have to look sexy without looking ridiculous. I think we all know how that turned out for me.


We also made sure to take tons of behind-the-scenes photos for our many, many fans on social media.

Alex: It was actually much easier to look at Kirsten and Sheridan and think "wow, they look great, I should document this" than doing the same for myself.

Kirsten: We went through some real sisterly bonding. I kept looking at them and being like "Damn, my sisters look good."

Sheridan: Should I try and pretend like my socks are designer? Anyways, all this 'gramming got me like zzzzzzz. How do the Kardashian ladies take photos all day? Like, 10 thousand photos a freakin' day. How's the memory on their phones?

Basically, we couldn't stop taking selfies of our new look.

Can we live, even?

Alex: I initially cropped this as a nod to Kim cropping out North (which, lol), but also... I really DID feel my look? I even made this my Facebook photo. Who cares. WHO CARES?!

Kirsten: So, Alex cropped me out. Which is really the most Kim K thing she could do. But she was feeling her look, so I'll let her live.

Sheridan: And none for Khloé Kardashian.


After our arduous shoot, we decided to grab some lunch, but had to fight through a sea of paparazzi.*

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Alex: It's really tough to look both hot and apathetic. Also, I wore a fake butt throughout the day and the underwear that goes with it seems to be giving me a hint of a FUPA. But a fashionable FUPA, so I'm not mad at it.

Kirsten: If we were REALLY famous the paparazzi would have captured my heel getting stuck in the crack of the sidewalk and me face-planting later in the day. So, yeah... I'm glad I'm not famous. It would be too weird having people following you around all day.

Sheridan: I can't even imagine having to ward off photographers while I'm just trying to walk down the street. All the flashes, the pushing, the screaming. Thankfully, I'm just a writer who plays The Sims on her offdays so I won't really have to worry about becoming famous.

*OK, so it was our own photographer and we pretended she was a paparazzo.

At Toast, we enountered even MORE paparazzi.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Alex: I was nervous that people were going to think we were a bunch of assholes having a photographer follow us around, but 1) this is Los Angeles and 2) no one actually noticed or cared. I think.

Kirsten: I think the best part about the Kardashians is that they have no shame. They own their selfies. It was a challenge to be constantly taking and posting pictures of ourselves, as well as having a photographer follow us around but it just made me realize how much they own their brands.

Sheridan: At this point, I'm guessing the Kardashians don't even talk to each other at lunch. It's all through selfies. It's how they doing family talk. Also, trying to eat with all that red lipstick on was a nightmare, which is really the important thing I learned during all of this.

After lunch, we took a few more selfies.

You know. For the fans.


Like, seriously, we took a ton of these.

Then we hung around the sisters' store, Dash, in Beverly Hills.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Alex: A customer asked a store clerk (by the way, everyone who works at Dash has IMPECCABLE MAKEUP AND OUTFITS) when the Kardashians were planning on coming in. The clerk very nicely told her that they're actually in the store aaaalll the time, which like. How? They're like in Paris and Miami and on the moon. When do they have time for DASH?

Kirsten: We tried to take a video of us folding clothes in that wonderful half-ass way Kourtney and Khloe do, but the DASH employees kept looking at us like "You're not buying anything and just touching all our clothes," so we ran out of there pretty quick (this is when I fell into the pavement).

Sheridan: This was straight-up the most awkward part of the day. The stares. The paranoia. You could feel the Ghost of Kardashian Past roaming through the store, yelling, "I'm too busy to fold clothes, Khloé, I have a photo shoooooooooooooot."

The whole day was actually pretty exhausting.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Kirsten: All jokes aside, waking up early to have our hair and makeup done, going to a photo shoot, eating lunch, and fake "working" at DASH really WAS exhausting.

Sheridan: I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty dead too.


Alex: This was the highlight for me. Kim yelling "DON'T BE FUCKING RUDE" is among my favorite pop culture moments, and something I yell often to my friend(s). No Sheridans were harmed in the making of this ICONIC gif.

Sheridan: Alex really committed to this and nailed it. This was one of the moments of the show when I was wondering if Kim was actually a sociopath. But I love her anyway.


Kirsten I think the idea of have a carefully planned and curated "look" is really weird and interesting to try. Throughout the day, I got so many text messages from friends being like, "Hey, really into the selfies today, huh?" It was a total divergence from my typical life, which was kinda cool in a way. I give the Kardashian sisters props for exuding confidence and putting themselves out there in that way. Because frankly, it's very weird and scary to do. I mean, I was REAL happy to go home and wash my face and take the extensions out, but I don't see anything wrong with channeling that Kardashian Konfidence every now and then.

Alex: I dooooon't love seeing myself plastered on the internet, which is apparently something I forgot when I agreed to do this. That said, wearing hair and a face that aren't actually mine helped create a distance and made me feel like a character (literally "girl playing Kim for strangers on the internet"), and not myself. I think it takes a certain kind of personality to be able to live a public life and to become fulfilled and energized by that level of attention. That's Kim. I believe she's always authentic, that her public and private selves are essentially the same. I would have to wear a costume to do that, because the truth is that I'd rather be at home, watching Frasier.

I truly was feeling my look, though. So that was nice.

Sheridan: I have to admit, I felt pretty badass. It's like all that liquid foundation is a kind of armor against critics and pretty much all sense of self-awareness. But I felt pretty AF. I couldn't really buy into all the selfies because it got to the point where enough was enough, amirite? I can see how they use it to their advantage, though. They've crafted a whole persona, a whole life for themselves. Yet you also ask when does the ~real~ Kardashian begin and end? Is the reality show/ Instagram/ Twitter version one in the same?

I know people shit on the Kardashians all the damn time. They're narcissistic, they don't work, they have no shame. Whatever you think about them, it's hard to deny that this one random family from freakin' Calabasas managed to create an empire. And whether you like it or not, the Kardashians are an empire, and they have stretched their 15 seconds of fame for an impressive amount of time. You might not think that photoshoots, designing clothes, club appearances, and all of that are work but I can't help but tip my hat off to them. It could have started and ended with a sex tape. But their story is still going, and there's something there to be admired.

Also I HATED having to wear heels all day so bye.