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18 Secret Powers Women Who Went To An All-Girls School Have

~jUst giRLy tHiNgS~

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1. The Ability To Excel In All Fields Regardless Of Stereotypes

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Robotics? Debate? Soccer? School paper? Photography? Some weird made-up club that may or may not be of interest to colleges? We do 'em all.

2. The Power To Rescue Girls In Need

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Is this third grader crying because she forgot her lunch at home? *swooooop* Here's half a ham sandwich, a personal pan pizza, an apple, grapes, three different kinds of potato chips, and seventeen cupcakes.

3. The Ability To Avoid Plaid With A Single Leap

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Imagine wearing this every single day. Imagine what that does to your soul. Imagine.


6. The Power To Sniff Out Snacks From Miles Away

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When there's no boys around to judge the way you eat snacks like a python swallowing a horse, happiness ensues. Happiness, and also the ability to know there's a *sniff* pink cupcake with exactly *sniff* 11.5 sprinkles hiding in someone's locker right now.

7. The Ability To Transform Even The Dowdiest Of Uniforms Into Something... Special

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Roll this up, roll these down, pin this here and... voila! You've transformed a starchy, ill-fitting uniform into starchy, somewhat less ill-fitting couture.


9. The Ability To Gross Out Any Guy When Necessary

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It's just weird how they never want to talk about ~giRLy tHinGs~ like periods and tampons and how much we just want to eat an entire pizza while wearing the same leggings for an entire week.

10. The Power Of The Cycle

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Truth: walk the halls of any all-girls high school, and you will never be more than three feet away from a tampon, Diva Cup, pad, or one of those homemade period napkins. Without any stigma attached. Trust.

11. The Ability To Celebrate Even The Tiniest Of Special Moments

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Is it someone's birthday? Party at school. Is it some saint's feast day? That calls for food and music. Oh, today's the pre-Halloween dance bakesale ice cream social? Party on.

12. The Power Of Healthy Competition

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All-girls schools can be mighty competitive, with a huge emphasis on academic achievement. But as long as girls learn to compete with the best versions of themselves and always strive to do their very best, that's a good thing.


14. The Power To Know That Doing Something "Like A Girl" Is A Compliment

Because you or someone you grew up with played baseball like a girl, studied astrophysics like a girl, cracked everyone up like a girl, lifted weights like a girl, wrote amazing short stories like a girl, and once sleep-ate ate an entire rotisserie chicken at a sleepover. Like a girl.

17. The Ability To Forgive

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More than anywhere, an all-girls school can be a hotbed of puberty-driven nonsense: fights happen, gossip spreads, drama ensues. But that can teach us that we're all flawed, we're all just doing our best, and we all deserve another chance.