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    Posted on Oct 22, 2015

    27 Tweets About Being Latino That Are Way Too Real

    No chill, but plenty of chisme.

    1. When the holiday season has its downside:

    "y tu novio" season is approaching.

    2. When we get creative and inventive:

    "Espray" = #Spanglish for #Sprite #LatinosBeLike 😂

    3. When abuela is always watching:

    Stepped outside with pelo mojado. Low key felt like my mom was side eyeing me through the window. #LatinoProblems

    4. When we know what you mean, no worries:

    No ma'am 😂😂😂 #Jachiros #HotCheetos #LMAO #LatinosBeLike #StickyPromo #TheHouseTONIGHT

    5. When the fridge is filled with (hidden) treasures:

    me: mom what's this? her: oh ur abuela made some soup #latinaproblems #deadass

    6. When this is so real and you can't even explain why:

    7. When you're handed an airhorn upon birth:

    Where do you even buy all these air horns?! #latinoproblems

    8. When you might as well be Thomas Edison:

    My mom says "no inventes" but I keep inventando #SpanishMom #LatinaProblems

    9. When your novi@ is in for a surprise:

    So my boyfriend just unexpectedly met my parents... And my grandma.... And my nina.... And my cousin... 😅😂🙈 #LatinoProblems

    10. ... and you are, too:

    Just met a new cousin today 😂😂😂 #latinoproblems

    11. When "dale que tu puedes" gets you through the day:

    Why hasn't someone invented an app that compliments you using Pitbull's voice???? #pitbull #latinaproblems

    12. When you know there IS such a thing as a stupid question:

    "Where are you from?" Virginia "But where are you really from?" Centreville, Virginia..... #latinoproblems

    13. When things escalate:

    14. When you're the whole band:

    driving & listening to Salsa music your steering wheel, door & dash all become instruments for your hands to smack around #LatinoProblems

    15. When some choices are just impossible:

    16. When you make yourself hard to find on weekend mornings:

    Como cuando llegas a casa de tu madre y te pide que limpies. #normal #latinoproblems

    17. When you're Puerto Rican but your phone is not:

    My phone needs to stop auto correcting "Wepa" #latinoproblems

    18. When silence is golden but drama is platinum:

    LOL Hispanic moms have noooo chill 😂 #latinoproblems

    19. When you've got the cure for everything:

    When you're at a BBQ and ask for repellent but they pull out Vicks instead. #LatinoProblems @LeJuan__James

    20. When we all remember this phase:

    Sometimes I feel like my reggaeton past still hunts me 😜#latinaproblems #gasolina #hahaha (Vine by @lelepons)

    21. When there's only one way to communicate effectively:

    Haha idk why my family and I yell into the iPad though. #latinostruggles

    22. When you don't need to get all fancy with hot dog buns:

    Sliced bread is a commodity for us Latinos.

    23. When your cell phone is your lifeline during important moments:

    Si me llegan a suspender la cuenta, me quedo sin leer chisme mientras cago

    24. When you realize you're that one friend:

    @cristela9 is my new fave comedian! Love her! #FUSECOMEDY #latinaproblems #NCLR15

    25. When guilt is elevated to an art form:

    #GrowingUpHispanic when u do something wrong and you get the "cuando yo me muera" speech

    26. When you know how to flirt in Spanglish:

    27. And finally, when you've got pride and shit:

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