18 Modern Moments Of Sheer Panic We've All Experienced

    Technology has given us new and wondrous ways to utterly embarrass ourselves.

    1. Accidentally pressing the emergency button on your phone.

    2. Texting something ~*innapropriate*~ to the wrong contact.

    3. Talking trash about someone on an email thread... and accidentally sending it to that person.

    4. Spotting a horrible typo in an important email you've already sent.

    5. Accidentally Tweeting a DM.

    6. Liking a stranger's photo or comment. From months ago.

    7. Creeping on Facebook and typing you crush's name into your update bar instead of the search bar.

    8. Sending a friend request without meaning to.

    9. Becoming ensnared in an autocorrect shame spiral.

    10. Not realizing that your headphones aren't plugged into your laptop properly.

    11. Getting called out for untagging an unflattering photo of yourself.

    12. Not realizing you typed your embarrassing Google search into the most public place on the internet.

    13. Dealing with your family.

    14. Realizing someone is behind you while you're looking at something weird.

    15. Lending someone your computer and panicking that they can see all the things you've recently searched.

    16. When you think you've crafted a masterpiece of wit and wisdom in 140 characters... and it has a typo.

    Crash, burn. With your butt in the air for all to see.

    17. Butt-dialing someone and allowing them to hear all your thoughts / bodily sounds.

    18. Scrolling through Tumblr in a public space and, boom, there's porn.

    The lesson? Never type, click, dial, like, fave, post, re-blog, follow, or request anything.