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18 Modern Moments Of Sheer Panic We've All Experienced

Technology has given us new and wondrous ways to utterly embarrass ourselves.

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8. Sending a friend request without meaning to.

BBC / Via

You were just totally casually and not at all crazily checking out your ex's new love's Facebook page and accidentally friend requested them and now the world is going to explode into a million pieces.


14. Realizing someone is behind you while you're looking at something weird.

Nickelodeon / Via

In your defense, you thought "Harlequin babies" would be something cute.

(Note: Do not image search "Harlequin babies.")

...You did anyway, didn't you?


17. Butt-dialing someone and allowing them to hear all your thoughts / bodily sounds.

Atlus / Deep Silver / Via

Here's a joke done in poor taste and also some moderate to worrisome gurgling sounds for your listening pleasure. Good day to you.

The lesson? Never type, click, dial, like, fave, post, re-blog, follow, or request anything.