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    Updated on Aug 17, 2020. Posted on Nov 25, 2014

    When Is The Right Time To Start Listening To Christmas Music?

    Results are in! Fa la la la la la Christmaaaas.

    Last week, we asked you to vote on a HIGHLY CONTENTIOUS holiday matter.

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    ...When, exactly, is the appropriate time to begin listening to Christmas music?

    Here's how your answers stacked up:

    It turns out that you are very much against listening to Christmas music whenever, wherever, with "Every day of the [jingle-bellin'] year" accounting for only 6% of your votes.

    BabySnoopy69 / Via

    And 7% of you are GRINCHES who felt that "Never" is the exact right time to listen to holiday jams.

    Cerezita08 / Via

    10% of you are listening to Wham!'s "Last Christmas" "Right the [frost] now." Admit it.


    15% began listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween, presumably while coming down from a sugar high.

    VeRoFuSa / Via

    ...And 22% of you are electing to wait until December 1st. I admire your fortitude.

    poofu / Via

    But the winning entry, with 40% (or about 14,000) votes, was "The day after Thanksgiving."

    joyful226 / Via

    (This is the absolute correct answer, by the way. Good going, voters.)


    Here are the full results: