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Donald Trump Called Out For Racism In "Bad Blood" Parody

"Porque ahora todo es bad blood."

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A group of Mexican singers and performers got together to make "Bad Blood Parodia," and the results are INTENSE:

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And then, of course, there's the video's villain, Donald Trump:

Fenomeno Studios

The song, which features a cadre of Mexican singers (like Chiquis Rivera, Voz De Mando, Pepe Garza, Diana Reyes, and Ana Barbara, among others) was made "to show Donald Trump the power of unified Latinos" and premiered during the 2015 Premios de la Radio.

The song itself, sung directly to Trump, features lyrics like "Somos un รกrbol que ya tiene su raรญz."

Fenomeno Studios

Put simply: these roots run deep. Oh, and "Mientes totalmente racista gรผero inconsciente." Which roughly translates to: "You're a total liar, you unconscionable racist."