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20 People Who Are Not Invited To Our Halloween Party

All trick, no treat.

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1. This college student, who was all dressed up with nowhere to eat.

2. Whoever thought we'd just quietly accept that this is a "wizard's nose."

3. This lady and her pumpkin.

4. The jokers in charge of decorating this nursing home.

5. Jared.

Fail Blog / Via

6. Anyone who wears or even thinks about wearing this costume.

7. Anyone who seriously believes this is an "open wound."

8. Any person attempting to "twerk it."

9. Any villain who hands out this seasonal "treat."

Epic Fail / Via

10. Any individual masquerading as sexy foodstuff.

11. This tufty terror.

12. Miss Nicolas Cage.

13. This skeleton, who has already had too much.

14. The monster responsible for this.

Fail Blog / Via

15. Any angles that are not acute.

Cheezburger / Via

16. Any child who feels the need to monkey around.

Fail Blog / Via

17. The person who carelessly slapped this together.

18. The person who designed this "elephant" costume.

19. Any sexy dog.

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