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25 Awkward Situations Every Person With Long Hair Knows Too Well

Long hair... kinda really care a lot, tbh.

1. When someone catches you using your hair to see what you'd look like with a mustache.

Just curious. Can I live?

2. When you wear lip gloss and end up being mercilessly attacked by your own hair.

3. When your hair is taking over your face and you can't find a hair tie anywhere.

4. When you get food in your hair AND NO ONE TELLS YOU.

5. When you're riding in a car with the windows down and emerge looking like a sheepdog.

6. When you clean out your drain and find yourself thinking about the girl from The Ring.

7. When you spot a tumbleweed of your own hair rolling across the floor and hope no one notices.

Pay no attention to Cousin It, thanks.

8. When you lose an earring and realize it's been tangled in your hair all day.

9. When people comment "you should really do something different with your hair!"

10. When you think your hairstyle is killing it until you see yourself in a photo.

11. When your arms are sore, not from working out, but from trying to blow dry your hair.

12. When your leftover hair becomes a monster in your shower waiting to attack.

13. And when you have to tie up your hair in order to enjoy your meal.

14. When you're trying to cuddle and bae ends up trapping you by lying on your hair.

15. When you're trying to zip up your jacket and manage to to get your hair stuck.

16. When you get your clothes out of the dryer and find your hair has infiltrated your clothing.

17. When you haven't seen your friends in a while and all they talk about is your hair.

18. When static overtakes your entire head.

19. When your hair and your hair elastic engage in battle.

20. When you don't have money for dinner because you had to buy shampoo... again.

21. When you hug someone and accidentally stab them with one of the 100 bobby pins holding your hair in place.

22. When you borrow your little cousin's detangler to detangle your hair.

23. When other people at the salon give you sympathetic looks, because they know you'll be sitting there for HOURS.

24. When your hair gets a mind of its own and you no longer have a say in the matter.

25. And when anyone suggests that you should cut it.

Because, honestly, you know it's all worth it in the end.