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26 Secrets All Messy People Have

Bless this mess.

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3. Every messy person has that one chair that doubles as a coat rack / book shelf / table / closet.

Admit it. You also have The Chair somewhere in your home.


7. We think you should admire our consistency, at the very least.

8. We fight a constant battle between wanting to take a selfie because we're feeling our look and not wanting the world to see how messy our rooms are.

Life is hard, guys.


9. Everything at The Container Store helps organize clutter until we slowly incorporate it into the mess.

The Container Store will trick us into thinking we can organize our lives 100% of the time.

12. We're pretty convinced that not being able to see your floor means less sweeping and vacuuming.

So, to anyone who lives with us, we say, "YOU ARE WELCOME."


16. But, hey, a secret perk of being messy is finding hidden treasure among your stuff.

Is anyone kind of only a little bit thirsty?


19. Our laundry piles can and will migrate around the room as necessary.