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    Fans Are Wearing Red Lips To Celebrate Selena Quintanilla


    Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez's death.

    To commemorate her life, her music, and her iconic style, Selena fans have decided to #WearRedForSelena.

    Fans of all ages are using the hashtag to share their looks and their memories across Twitter and Instagram.

    After all, no one rocked red lipstick quite like Selena!

    Whether you pair your red with awesomely bold brows...

    The perfect pair of shades...

    A dazzling smile...

    An impeccable updo...

    ...Or with words to live by, we know you'll ROCK it.

    So go bold.

    Go bright.

    And DEFINITELY make sure to sing along to your favorite Selena songs today.

    Rock your red! And remember: