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18 Terrifying Things That Happen When You Give Up Diet Coke

Your body is healthier, but your soul is dead.

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1. It all starts with your total denial of how severe your Diet Coke addiction really is.

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Drinking six bottles of Diet Coke a day isn't a problem because problems aren't fun. That's science!!!

2. And then, frightened over the prospect of life without Diet Coke, you make excuses. All the excuses.

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Everyone drinks Diet Coke. It's as American as apple Coke. What, do you hate America? Do you hate the world? Do you not want to buy the world a Coke? How dare you.


6. You begin to miss Diet Coke so much that you write a love letter to Diet Coke, plus three sonnets and a rock opera.

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Dear Diet Coke,

I love you. I love the way you fizz. I love your refreshing coolness. I love you even when fast food places have a really weird syrup-to-carbonated water ratio and then you taste all flat and syrupy and weird.


15. And you start to get a little smug, ticking off all the bad stuff that's probably in Diet Coke.

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A friend of a friend of a cousin of a neighbor of an armadillo of a boss of a brother-in-law said they make Diet Coke out of dinosaur blood. And now you're drinking it and I'm not, sooooo.