30 Things You Learn About Love By The Time You're 30

    It gets worse, guys. (And also so much better.)

    1. You need to start with yourself.

    2. Hearts are broken, but not destroyed.

    3. You cannot make someone love you.

    4. Love can be sneaky.

    5. There is no such thing as "The One."

    6. Sometimes love doesn't feel like strong enough of a word.

    7. Love is work, and it is hard.

    8. Love will not solve relationship problems.

    9. There are many kinds of love.

    10. Love looks different to different people.

    11. Love can make the whole world sing...

    12. ...And often speaks in a whisper.

    13. Love will surprise you.

    14. Love will make you better.

    15. ...And sometimes brings out your worst.

    16. Love is neutral, and as bad or good as you make it.

    17. And do not confuse being distracted with being in love.

    18. And know that, the louder the performance, the quieter things are backstage.

    19. Love is comfy.

    20. But do not mistake comfort for love.

    21. And do not mistake attention for love.

    22. No one owes you love.

    23. Love does not keep score.

    24. Love means constantly saying you're sorry.

    25. Love will change you.

    26. And sometimes disappoint you.

    27. Love is beautiful.

    28. And frightening.

    29. Love won't give up on you.

    30. ...So don't give up on it.