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    33 Christmas Fails That Prove Christmas Should Be Canceled

    Ho ho no.

    1. This very excited snowman.

    2. This delectable chocolate treat.

    3. This festive tree that arouses Christmas cheer.

    4. The remains of Santa Claus.

    5. These stocking-stuffing deer.

    6. This phrase, which comes immediately after "Ho ho ho."

    7. This literal gingerbread house.

    8. This plaintive cry.

    9. This nice try.

    10. This Christmas wish.

    11. This disappointed angel.

    12. This moment of pure ooy.

    13. This Santa, who is coming multiple times this year.

    14. This sucky situation.

    15. This moment of pure awfulness.

    16. This bad idea.

    17. This sweet surprise.

    18. This ducking Christmas list.

    19. This moment of dashing through the no.

    20. This questionable activity.

    21. This majestic display.

    22. Failure this is.

    23. This narcissist's decorations.

    24. This bloody good Christmas DIY.

    25. This reindeer, who is praying for death.

    26. This joyous Christmas memory.

    27. This unsavory concept.

    28. These berries.

    29. This XXXmas decoration.

    30. This corny idea.

    31. This heroic cat.

    32. This spunky Santa.

    33. These Frosty nightmares.

    Ok, that's enough. Cancel Christmas.