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I Would Immediately Quit If I Saw Any Of These Real Signs That Bosses Had The Nerve To Display At Work

"I'm right, you're wrong. End of discussion." —HR

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the great resignation. People are leaving their jobs in search of better pay, better opportunities, and overall better treatment — and after you see these signs bosses had the audacity to display at work, I'm sure you'll understand why.

1. This manager threatened staff with "disciplinary action" if they were caught talking about their pay during or outside of work:

2. This HR department displayed a supportive "I'm right, you're wrong" sign that I'm sure will make everyone feel comfortable coming to them with workplace issues:

3. This woman's boss used to provide water in the break room, but apparently, people abused that "privilege":

4. The boss behind this place called laziness a new variant:

5. This charming employer refuses to hire anyone left-leaning:

6. This boss thought that telling people to "save your tears for your pillow" would be motivating:

7. This boss shared a list of attributes they'd like future-employees to have, including "can take a joke" and "won't cry every day on the floor," which honestly makes me very concerned for their staff:

8. I can almost hear my mom saying, "So if management told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?"

9. Big Brother is watching you at this Wendy's:

10. "Now hiring 14-year-olds," labor laws be damned!

11. Legend has it, this sleep paralysis demon even watches you in your dreams:

12. Half of these signs make me feel like working at these companies is like an endless cycle of hazing:

a hiring sign that reads, "Now hiring- snowflake generation do not apply"

13. This boss found a nice way to say they won't be paying you overtime, but expect you to be early regardless:

14. This boss doesn't understand that pee-scrolling is just a part of the natural bathroom routine now:

15. This boss put up a little nursery rhyme that would make Anybody roll their eyes:

16. This boss blamed Biden, inflation, and their own staff for having to raise their prices before threatening to press charges against anyone who may take the sign... Obviously, they're a super chill manager:

17. This boss who will charge employees for any broken product, including a cracked ice cream cone:

18. This boss who is confused about why "no one wants to work anymore" while simultaneously only offering minimum wage:

19. This boss blamed their low staff retention on "government handouts":

20. This boss made it mandatory for everyone to come in on a Saturday, despite agreeing to workers' conflicting availability when they were hired:

21. This boss fired everyone over email:

22. This boss who promised to pay somewhere between minimum wage and $14...which probably means just minimum wage:

23. This boss can't find someone willing to work for them, and blamed politicians for it:

24. This boss who has an unnecessary amount of rules and regulations written up on signs all across the workplace:

25. This boss who let out all their feelings and frustrations in a rather passive aggressive sign:

26. This boss who thinks that "a return to conservative values" will make people suddenly like their food:

27. And finally, this "motivational" sign:

Now I need to know — what's the most ridiculous sign you've seen at work? Let me know in the comments, and we'll groan about it together.