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    15 Text Conversations Between Employees Who Should Quit And The Bosses Who Drove Them To It

    Y'all know you can't fire people for asking about their pay...right?

    Bosses have been claiming that "nobody wants to work" for well over a century, but they never seem to consider how their own actions may have attributed to low staff retention.

    After reading these text message exchanges between bosses and their employees who should quit after receiving them, it's hard not to see why no one would want to work for them.

    1. This boss is refusing to pay contractual PTO in the future:

    2. This boss responded with "good" after finding out their employee had COVID, and still asked them to come in:

    3. This boss who approved their employee's time off, and then fired them for not coming in:

    4. This boss who hit on their new hire:

    5. This boss who shorted their employee's pay:

    6. This boss who disregarded their employee's 150-day advance notice that they'd be absent, and still acted surprised when they didn't come in:

    7. This boss who tried to do the work themself and failed:

    8. This boss who messed up scheduling and expected their employee to fix it:

    9. This boss who told people to "hold off on being dehydrated":

    10. This boss who refused to let someone take a single day off despite them being exhausted:

    11. This boss who expects people to be able to plan their pet's untimely death:

    12. This boss who tried to pay a teen with food instead of money:

    13. This boss who got mad when someone asked why their were shorted:

    14. This boss who took back their offer after an employee dared to ask how much their pay would be:

    15. And finally, this boss who expected someone to work after they got into a car accident and were currently in the hospital:

    Have you ever got a wild text from your boss? If you're comfortable sharing, tell me about it in the comments.