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I'm Begging These People To Quit After Their Bosses Wrote Them Up For The Most Ridiculous Reasons

"Added to the schedule 6 minutes before the start of the shift and got written up for being late."

There's a labor shortage in the US, and work relations seem tense throughout the country. People want livable wages, reasonable hours, healthcare, and healthy work environments. It doesn't seem like too much to ask for, but, well, here we are.

Despite these reasonable requests, some bosses have decided to focus on the wrong things instead — like writing up workers for utterly ridiculous reasons. Some employees who've received wrongful write-ups are sharing their experiences online, and it'll be hard for you not to roll your eyes on their behalf:

1. This person was written up after they vomited and had to leave early because they didn't feel well:

2. This person was threatened with a write up after they requested time off to serve as a witness in a literal trial:

3. This person was written up for leaving work after their shift ended...because everyone is supposed to "walk out as a team":

4. This person was randomly asked to report to work six minutes before the start of the shift, and then was written up for being "late":

5. This staff was told they'd be written up if they needed to drink water while on shift:

6. This person who was completely fed up after they were injured at work and stayed late anyways, but was reprimanded for being late another day:

7. This person who was written up for wearing these white shoes during their shift:

8. This person who locked the doors after closing hours and was confronted by a client wanting to be let inside. Apparently, one of their coworkers told the client they could come after operating hours but they denied the person entry, and were thus written up.

9. This person who tied their shoes at work, and was written up because their boss thought they had fallen asleep in that bent over position:

I got written up for falling asleep at work, when I was in reality sitting in a chair and leaning over to tie my shoes? could not convince them I wasnt sleeping so

Twitter: @electricbeef

10. This person who was written up for being 20 minutes late, only for their boss to tell staff that they'd be nearly three hours late the following day:

11. This person who was wearing company-issued earplugs, which were mistaken for AirPods:

So I almost just got written up at work for wearing AirPods. One slight problem, not only do I not own AirPods, I was wearing the earplugs the building provides us!!!! I’m not a happy camper right now.

Twitter: @AnalogKid91

12. This person who told customers that their staff was underpaid:

13. This person who had no way of getting to work that day, and so was reprimanded for not coming:

had to call out bc no ride and i got written up at work im gonna fucking cry

Twitter: @jaidenecu

14. This staff that can be written up for taking unscheduled days off — as if emergencies don't exist:

15. And finally, this person who tried to bring a little fun to work by singing with his coworkers:

What's the weirdest thing you ever got written up for at work for? Mine was getting me and 3 guys to harmonize the south park game of thrones parody song at lunch. This was at 34 yrs old cuz I'm a grown up


Now I need to know, what's the most ridiculous reason you've gotten in trouble at work? If you're comfortable sharing, let me know in the comments.

H/T: r/antiwork