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    In Wholesome News, Women Are Sharing When They Realized Their Boyfriends Love Them

    "I checked my cash app and it said 'love language.'"

    If you've been scrolling through Twitter, you may have noticed a viral Tweet that prompted people to share the moment they realized their boyfriend hated them. Well, after the timeline was soon flooded with stories of cheating and mistreatment, user @AfroFlytina put a positive spin on the popular question by asking, "When did you realize he loved you?"

    when did you realize he loved you? let’s get some positive stories going

    Twitter: @AfroFlytina / Via Twitter: @AfroFlytina

    Here are a few of the sweetest responses:


    @AfroFlytina when we used to live in diff cities (we was just friends at the time) we’d ft every night and id always fall asleep first. one time he thought i was sleep but i was in and out and i heard him speaking affirmations to me about the success, happiness, and other things i deserved 🥲

    Twitter: @anjiniazhar / Via Twitter: @anjiniazhar


    @AfroFlytina When we speak with calmness and patience during a disagreement and he holds me while i say the things that are hard to come out

    Twitter: @thickncrying / Via Twitter: @thickncrying


    @AfroFlytina We were on the phone & I started having a panic attack. I hung up & texted him “sorry I get panic attacks sometimes & just need to thug it out for second” the next day we met up and he had researched & printed the best methods to help someone cope with a panic attacks

    Twitter: @L0v3chLD / Via Twitter: @L0v3chLD


    @AfroFlytina One day I posted a meme that talked about funding her business and getting her LLC and jokingly commented that this is a love language. Next day I checked my cash app and it said “love language” bought all new inventory for my business 😭❤️ one of many things

    Twitter: @KiannaJenae / Via Twitter: @KiannaJenae


    @AfroFlytina We ordered food for pickup and couldn’t find the restaurant. As we were sitting down, trying to figure it out on maps, I looked over at his phone and he was in his notes apps. He has a whole list of things I like/want and he was updating it

    Twitter: @trinidadianni / Via Twitter: @trinidadianni


    I was missing my late mum and had told him how I hated that I could no longer remember the home I grew up in .. where I had my last memories of her. I woke up to videos of the house. He had asked a friend of his in Lagos to drive there & take them. We are in Canada 🥺

    Twitter: @amakauzz / Via Twitter: @amakauzz


    We had been dating for a month at the time so we aren’t super serious but I still wanted him to meet my grandparents. We went and visited and my grandma mentioned a couple things that needed to get done replace a door, fix a light, etc. So my boyfriend took it upon him self to

    Twitter: @Sppace_Case / Via Twitter: @Sppace_Case


    ... colour measuring cup for the different ingredients and he’s seen how many time I measure the different ingredients out into the bowl. He knows I use 6 eggs because he’s counted me crack them. All along I thought mans was just watching but no, he’s mentally recording 🥺😭😭😭

    Twitter: @JustMeka_ / Via Twitter: @JustMeka_


    I was stressed out about moving and my job not giving me the day off. I got home from work and he moved my entire apartment. And cleaned the old one. I sobbed.

    Twitter: @alizemott / Via Twitter: @alizemott


    one thing about my man is he does a lot for me. but on valentine’s day my mom came back to her room decorated, chocolate, roses and a card. it made me emotional because my own dad never did stuff like that for her and he did it like it was the obvious thing to do

    Twitter: @wavyemma / Via Twitter: @wavyemma


    •Never pressured me to be intimate (waited 3 yrs) •Let me stay w/ him for 3 months after my mom died b/c going home was too painful •Supported me emotionally & financially through my depression/anxiety •ALWAYS gentle & kind. Has NEVER yelled at me or called me names.

    Twitter: @planet_kiki / Via Twitter: @planet_kiki


    when we were dating, (about 3 months in our relationship) I was in a car accident that left my car totaled. he made arrangements with his parents so that I’d always have a ride to work/etc and a month later, gave me his new car in my name & bought himself a used truck. 🥺

    Twitter: @marinajhumphrey / Via Twitter: @marinajhumphrey


    when he took notes on a video i had to watch for class solely to make it easier for me to do the assignment

    Twitter: @kaeworldd / Via Twitter: @kaeworldd


    In college I left work early cus it was slow & wen I got to my apartment it was broken into and vandalized I went up to his job told him ,he left from behind the counter & walked out with me immediately. Went packed my stuff and moved me into his apartment. This wen I knew 💯❤️

    Twitter: @Pretty_Is_Paris / Via Twitter: @Pretty_Is_Paris


    when my friend passed, i didn't know how i was gonna be able to go home for the funeral. Val drove 14 hours there and back in one day just to get me there. that's real love

    Twitter: @LaneyHook / Via Twitter: @LaneyHook


    @AfroFlytina I had a bad day at work..I was crying uncontrollably. We were on FaceTime talking and he said he would call me back because he was making a delivery. He called me back 1 minute later and he said oh I’m at the house I delivered at. And he flipped the camera and showed my house.

    Twitter: @DestinyAyers8 / Via Twitter: @DestinyAyers8


    Told him I was hungry at 2am on a Wednesday and without me asking he immediately got up and made me pancakes. With chocolate chips. And brought them to me in bed. 🥰

    Twitter: @caitlynjparker / Via Twitter: @caitlynjparker

    ~SWOONING~. If you're comfortable sharing, let us know in the comments when you realized your partner loves you. Can't wait to read them and feel even more single, thanks!