21 Students Revealed Why Their Teachers Were Fired, And...Oh My

    "He threw a calculator at them."

    When Reddit user u/YEEEEEeEeseresrsr asked: "What was the craziest reason a teacher at your school got fired?" the thread instantly became flooded with shocking stories that we couldn't resist sharing. Then, the BuzzFeed Community jumped in to reveal their own experiences with teachers who were fired for reasons that were bizarre, warranted, and sometimes unfounded. Here are a few of the most-liked responses we received:

    1. "A science teacher at my high school caught a student doing homework for another class while she was trying to teach. She was apparently so tired of students doing this that she decided to make an example of this student by taking the homework they were working on and literally lighting it on fire by using a bunsen burner in front of the whole class. She was planning on quitting anyway, but she was gone by lunch that day."


    2. "A teacher at my high school — a Catholic school — was fired for volunteering at Planned Parenthood in her free time. She would escort patients past protestors and protect them from hate speech from pro-lifers in front of the clinic. A mom of a student was one of the pro-life protestors, and she took a video of the teacher and showed it to school administration to get her fired. Students were PISSED. I think she sued."

    A pro-choice protester at Planned Parenthood

    3. "The PE teacher at my Catholic grammar school gave my younger sister (in third grade or so) a little too much attention. Petting her hair, telling her how pretty she is all the time — it was just plain creepy. I said something to other teachers/the principal and he was gone in two seconds."


    4. "I got fired from a private school because I told one of the parents to fuck off. I was the cheer coach. Those girls were spoiled monsters and every one of the moms were Karens. Zero regrets."

    Cheerleader poms

    5. "On Valentine's Day, my second grade teacher made all the girls dance with the boys and actually scared my friend enough to transfer to the other immersion class. She also made my other friend sit on her lap in class, called her a baby, and forced her to tell her crush that she liked them in front of the entire class."


    6. "I had a teacher who got fired for throwing a desk at a student. Initially he was just throwing textbooks, podiums, and the occasional trash can, but then he threw the desk, and the attached chair almost hit a student."

    A student at their desk

    7. "Some students looked at his Facebook and saw that he was publicly a member of a group called Sexy Asian Girls."


    8. "My tenth grade history teacher was the assistant football coach. He was single and invited the football players and cheerleaders to his house for swim parties. A year after I graduated from high school, he was fired and arrested for hiding a video camera in his home bathroom. He filmed his students and/or players changing into swimsuits in his bathroom."

    A camera on a desk

    9. "A history teacher at my high school came in drunk off his ass. During his second period class. he started crying and singing the Barney and Friends theme song. Come to find out his young daughter was battling a terminal illness and that morning he just snapped."


    10. "We had an evil violin teacher who was basically a sadist. If you forgot your spine or elastic — the cushioning — he would make you hold out the sponge for an entire hour. If your arm started lowering, he would knock it back up with his bow. There were 9- and 10-year-old kids often leaving his classes in tears. But the worst was when he would make everyone hold their hands out so he could feel the length of their fingernails. If they were too long, he'd cut them himself. Needless to say, he cut one kid's nails too short and they told their parents. Soon, all the other things he'd been doing came to light and he was canned."

    A student violinist

    11. "One teacher socialized a lot with the students — especially male students — to the point where you would think she was a student as well. Anyways, she got pregnant and the child was from a student. She was also married to another teacher from the school."


    12. "My old social studies teacher would make the whole class sing songs to mock students when they forgot their textbooks. There was also a whole day in class where she selected her favorite student and let him throw rulers at everyone else. She was fired the year after I left school."

    Two rulers

    13. "I remember how our high school’s band director would score the girls that tried out for majorette and flag corp. Of course part of the score was dancing or talent, but there was also a part of the tryout where he would rate their bodies on a scale of 1–10. He would have them take their measurements in front of him and even have them bend over to see if they could touch their toes as he walked around them so he could view from every angle."


    14. "My middle school science teacher was fired for attempting to sell ecstasy to an undercover cop. The next day, our administrator came into the class and talked to us about drugs and said that we would have a substitute for the remainder of the year."

    A man speaking to a police officer

    15. "A coach hid cameras in the faculty bathrooms and recorded other teachers changing and using the bathroom. When they busted him, he had files with teachers' names on them where he saved the videos."


    16. "The girls tennis coach at my high school brought a chainsaw to practice. He told them they didn’t need to know why he had it and 'jokingly' tried to cut a bench in half that two of the girls were sitting on. He was fired the next day."

    A man holding a chainsaw

    17. "A well-liked gym teacher was fired for having sex with a student and having nude images of her. The assistant principal had been covering it up and there were incriminating emails between the coach and assistant principal, so the police and principal searched his computer. Turns out, he had loads of child pornography hidden on there. Obviously, they were both arrested and fired."


    18. "Our history teacher flunked the kid that sat behind me because he literally slept the entire semester. So the little shit gets pissed at the teacher for flunking him despite him doing literally zero work, like it was a personal vendetta or something. The kid shoved the teacher, and the teacher lightly shoved him in retaliation out of instinct. The teacher was fired. It was a shame because he was a great teacher and had been there something like 30 years. We had to do word searches for the entire last month of the semester."

    The letter F written on a student's paper

    19. "A teacher at my school grabbed my best friend by the neck and left bruises...they then criticized my friend for no apparent reason. We were in second grade."


    20. "I remember once in seventh grade, one of my teachers asked the class what was seven squared. I vividly remember him saying that if anyone said 14, he would throw a calculator at them. Well, this kid yelled 14 and the teacher threw the calculator."

    A calculator

    21. "On the night of the school play, we were told the music teacher wasn't coming and he had been fired. Apparently, he never got a degree...he had been there for over 20 years."


    Now I'm curious — what was something you believe a teacher should have gotten fired for but didn't? Let us know in the comments.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.