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    Uber Riders Shared The Strangest Items They've Left Behind, And This Is The Weirdest Lost And Found List Ever

    I'm still scratching my head over the catheter.

    Earlier today, Uber released their fifth annual Lost & Found Index, which features commonly forgotten items, peak forgetful days throughout the week, and — my favorite — the strangest things riders have left behind. The Uber Lost & Found Index features reports of lost items from Uber riders, which can range from catheters to teeth and everything in-between.

    A collection of random items

    Here are the top 50 strangest messages about leftover items:

    1. "A tooth."

    A child holding a tooth in their hand

    2. "Twenty-two bundt cakes and a pan of macaroni & cheese."

    3. "An FBI bulletproof vest."

    A man holding a gun and wearing a bullet proof vest

    4. "A nude corset."

    5. "Part of an ankle monitor."

    An ankle monitor on someone's foot

    6. "A rolled up poster held with an elastic band. It says 'end this bummer' with endless summer artwork."

    7. "A cooler full of fish."

    8. "Fresh shrimp."

    9. "Washing liquid."

    10. "A green dinosaur Halloween costume and a knife that is needed for job."

    Someone wearing a dinosaur head and holding up a tube of lipstick to their lips

    11. "Unicorn tail and a piñata."

    12. "The fur cover for my knee scooter (cuz I broke my foot)."

    13. "A framed Beauty and the Beast signed picture in a plastic case."

    14. "Antique roller blades, Christmas plates, and a cookie jar."

    15. "A toilet seat and welcome door sign shaped like a lemon with a blue ribbon on it."

    16. "A sushi platter."

    17. "A lil' purple hair bonnet."

    18. "Rabbit legs."

    A rabbit standing in the grass

    19. "My bath set and a sack of potatoes."

    20. "Large painting of Kate Middleton and a small painting of the Grim Reaper."

    An animation of the grim reaper next to a coffin with a bouquet of flowers on top and a cityscape in the background

    21. "Frozen meat — a lot of it."

    22. "A leopard print pink bikini."

    23. "Special items from Victoria’s Secret."

    Several Victoria's Secret models walking down the runway

    24. "Wig brush, in the trunk."

    25. "Catheter."

    26. "A machine foot for sewing."

    27. "Hospital scissors."

    28. "My Harry Potter wand and a feather pen."

    A child wearing a Gryffindor knit cap and scarf and holding a wand

    29. "Otter plush animal."

    30. "My neck brace and my diary."

    31. "My welding hood."

    32. "Headband with horns and an oxygen tank."

    33. "False eyelashes and dish soap."

    A pair of false eyelashes

    34. "Black cane with a skull handle."

    35. "Mannequin head."

    Several mannequin heads lined up in a row

    36. "My birth certificate that was inside an Ugg earmuff box."

    37. "A popcorn bucket from Disney World."

    38. "A tattoo machine."

    A person holding a tattoo needle

    39. "Dog collar with a tag that says 'nugget.'"

    40. "Raw chicken and 20 pounds of salt."

    Raw chicken pieces

    41. "A clear face shield with a ladybug stripe on the forehead."

    42. "One can of crab meat and a package of lobster for business."

    43. "Crystal chandelier."

    44. "One pound of smoked salmon."

    45. "A prosthetic leg."

    A person with a prosthetic leg skateboarding

    46. "An angel charm."

    47. "Mosquito net."

    48. "My dog’s ashes."

    An urn next to several flowers

    49. "Ham for Thanksgiving is in the trunk."

    50. "Wine and my edibles."

    Swedish fish

    What's the strangest thing you've ever left behind or found in an Uber? Let us know in the comments.