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    Hey Joe Byron, Here's What People Have To Say About You Canceling $10,000 In Student Loan Debt, From Thanks To Requests For More

    Joe Biden moved to cancel up to $10,000 in student loan debt for borrowers, and $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients. Unsurprisingly, the reactions range from "this is giving me a light at the end of the tunnel" to "my loan interest grew by $50,000. Cancel it all."

    Yesterday, president Joe Biden made good on his campaign promise of forgiving $10,000 in student loan debt for borrowers, and he took things a step further by forgiving up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients.

    Responses to the news have been...all over the place. On one side lies those who say their lives will be changed for the better now that they won't have such a staggering amount of debt over their heads, and the other side consists of a rallying cry for more relief.

    Here's what Twitter had to stay, starting with those who woke up with happy tears:


    $20k of my $30k of loans finna be gone, which means my debt to income ratio will be good enough to buy a house for the twins

    Twitter: @KnowItAllDoll / Via Twitter: @KnowItAllDoll


    @AkilahObviously Yep. My parents “expected family contribution” was zero. After interest, this doesn’t wipe out my debt but 20k for me and 10k for my husband is just monumental for our future and the 5% cap, etc—this is giving me a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Twitter: @candyjean / Via Twitter: @candyjean


    @rgay My daughter just graduated undergrad and owes $27k because her Pell Grants weren’t enough. This relief will make it doable so that her dad and I can help her pay back the $7k and start life without debt over her head.

    Twitter: @vediabarnett / Via Twitter: @vediabarnett


    Twitter: @TrapGrizzle / Via Twitter: @TrapGrizzle


    @__Ezinne I only have less than $5,000 left. I wasn’t playing around. I finished most of my degree with Pell Grant and the last 2 semesters I took out a $5,000 loan after the grant ran out. I should be good now 💅

    Twitter: @wandussyy / Via Twitter: @wandussyy


    2/2 to pay off our debt. I was a public servant—a prosecutor, and had my dream job, but couldn’t afford to stay. While I LOVE my job now, I wonder what could have been. It’s easy to feel bitter, but reflecting more, I want future generations to not have to go thru what we did. 💪🏼

    Twitter: @Julius_Kim / Via Twitter: @Julius_Kim


    How I feel rn. This student loan forgiveness is going to give me an opportunity to be financially stable. That matters for me & my family.

    Twitter: @blacktechguru / Via


    @AkilahObviously Even tho it’s not much and I wish the rest was away. 10k shaved off of 80k is $200 a month. In a time when everything is expensive it all helps.

    Twitter: @Habitually_T / Via Twitter: @Habitually_T


    @rgay My family suffered to bring me here, it’s been a struggle as a DACA recipient. My sister born here has had the benefits of being an American citizen; I want everything to be easier for her college, getting a house…because I want her generation to be better. I’m not selfish.

    Twitter: @zenakire / Via Twitter: @zenakire


    @POTUS Forgiving student loans would put $1000 a month back into my pocket. I could buy a house. I could travel. I could invest. I could buy more from small businesses. Imagine what an entire generation of student loan holders could do if we hadn’t been duped by predatory lending.

    Twitter: @HonestBarcaFan8 / Via Twitter: @HonestBarcaFan8


    My wife went back to college at age 54. Now 67, she still owes over $18,000 in student loans. Biden’s plan helps every age and economic group.

    Twitter: @syd_gary / Via Twitter: @syd_gary


    @rgay I was lucky enough to pay mine off a few years ago but I was so excited to call my sister and tell her she should qualify for full forgiveness on what she had left to pay. Why can't people just have empathy?

    Twitter: @EricaBODonnell / Via Twitter: @EricaBODonnell


    My Republican mom is about to get 100% of her student loans forgiven and I can tell she’s FURIOUS that she’s happy Biden did it. Just delightful.

    Twitter: @phoenixjray / Via Twitter: @phoenixjray


    personally, if joe biden cancels even $10k of my student loans i will hang a little picture of him in my living room like an Italian grandma does with the pope

    Twitter: @SeanManning_ / Via Twitter: @SeanManning_


    Two biggest reliefs of my life: 1. Third kid potty-trained. 2: Student loan paid off. I’m delighted for anyone who gets help with either.

    Twitter: @inkstainedretch / Via Twitter: @inkstainedretch


    I am extremely grateful for the loan forgiveness from President Biden. I received Pell grants but they were several years ago. If I qualify for the 20k forgiveness then my remaining balance will be gone! 🙏

    Twitter: @PianoGeek420 / Via Twitter: @PianoGeek420


    @BlackKnight10k I have a friend in his late 40’s. This will lower his debt to only 6,500 dollars. It’s huge to him. And yes, he graduated when he was 22.

    Twitter: @SaraMadAsHell / Via Twitter: @SaraMadAsHell

    As mentioned, not everyone was happy, and many believe $10,000 is only a drop in the proverbial bucket. Here's how they feel:


    Joe Biden taking 10k off my student loans

    Twitter: @JomiAdeniran / Via Twitter: @JomiAdeniran


    Dear @POTUS, I started doing housing defense in rural upstate NY making $48K. 4yrs later I was making $51K and my loan interest grew by $50K. As a public defender I started at $60K ended at $71K 4yrs later. My loan interest increased another $100K in that time. Cancel it all.

    Twitter: @snowsandals / Via Twitter: @snowsandals


    Imma always want more from the government. Idk what y’all on

    Twitter: @deelasheeart / Via Twitter: @deelasheeart


    Thanks for the 10k POTUS! Now, I only owe 400k and based on my interests rates you’ll have it back in 6 months. 🙃

    Twitter: @BlackBernieBabe / Via Twitter: @BlackBernieBabe


    @BrockLeeFlorets @MrMan_6 @ShimminyKricket So I can tell y’all didn’t have to get your entire education on student loans. For the middle class, your family makes too much for grants and not enough to pay your tuition. $10k out of 40k is still $30k. Nothing like changing about it. Am I grateful? Sure. It’s still crumbs.

    Twitter: @TheSpiceNyoLife / Via Twitter: @TheSpiceNyoLife


    So who gonna pay the remaining loan

    Twitter: @__Ezinne / Via Twitter: @__Ezinne


    The problem with giving $10K in student debt relief is, the real issue isn’t resolved. Everything continues as is and they’ll just stop talking about it…just like they’ve done with so many other important issues. But don’t let me interrupt your celebration.

    Twitter: @ThiaBallerina / Via Twitter: @ThiaBallerina


    If you say “minimum of $10k” & then cancel $10k, you’ve just admitted to doing the minimum.

    Twitter: @ninaturner / Via Twitter: @ninaturner


    @DeeLaSheeArt If he can forgive $20k, then he can forgive $150k,🤷🏽 get those grad school loans outta here too!

    Twitter: @SlickRicc___ / Via Twitter: @SlickRicc___


    @POTUS That's only 1/5 my debt.

    Twitter: @omw / Via Twitter: @omw


    @POTUS You do realize $10k is barely a quarter of most of our loan debt, right? Not to seem ungrateful, but this is a slap in the face. I’ll personally still have $30k to pay off which, according to current practices, could take me well into my 60s or 70s to pay off.

    Twitter: @thegaborium / Via Twitter: @thegaborium


    Say it with me… EQUITY.

    Twitter: @EbonyJHilton_MD / Via Twitter: @EbonyJHilton_MD


    Y’all every time Biden does less than the bare minimum

    Columbia Pictures / Twitter: @ionbeknowing/ / Via Twitter: @ionbeknowing


    A reminder that Biden campaigned on canceling ALL federal student debt for borrowers who attended any public college or HBCU.

    Twitter: @braxtonbrew96 / Via Twitter: @braxtonbrew96


    If Biden ain’t talking about forgiving atleast $50k in loans he can just keep the student loan payment pause on forever because $10k not doing enough for me lol

    Twitter: @Free_Manny92 / Via Twitter: @Free_Manny92


    it's neat that Biden will possible wipe 10k of my student loans but im not paying what's left over either lol that's between nelnet and God 🙏👆

    Twitter: @eghoulll / Via Twitter: @eghoulll


    I’ve been paying my student loans for 17 years now and not only am I nowhere near paying them off, the principle amount has barely moved. I owe roughly the same today that I did in 2005. I dunno, that seems dumb.

    Twitter: @startthemachine / Via Twitter: @startthemachine

    Now I'm curious — where do you land? If the student loan forgiveness plan will change your life, please tell us how in the comments below. Or if it's just the tip of the iceberg, let me know what more you would like to see done.