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    "Harry Is Avenging Diana Right Now" And 14 More Reactions To Prince Harry's Explosive "60 Minutes" Interview

    "It's hard for anybody to imagine a family dynamic that is so Game of Thrones without dragons."

    Ahead of Prince Harry's release of his memoir Spare, the younger son of King Charles III and Diana Spencer has been offering an intimate look into his life inside the palace.

    The cover of Spare which is a simple close-up of Prince Harry

    In a 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper that aired on Sunday, Jan. 8, Prince Harry spoke about topics like struggling to come to terms with the passing of his mother. Harry said, he initially did not believe she was dead but had instead chosen to disappear. This thought stayed with him for years, until he turned 20 and decided to request the police report on his mother's accident and saw photos of the fatal car crash.

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    During the in-between period, Harry recalled having a turbulent relationship with his brother, William, which he says has been present between them since Princess Diana's passing — which largely expels rumors that it was Harry's wife, Meghan Markle, who caused a rift between the brothers.

    Prince Harry sitting down during his interview with Anderson

    And the moment which most stood out to viewers — if Twitter is to be the benchmark — was when Harry spoke of his father's current wife, Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles, who he called "dangerous." In the interview, he accused Camilla and his father of using both William and himself to get better tabloid coverage of themselves at a time when she, as Charles' former mistress, needed to reshape her image.

    A close-up of Harry with the caption "[Camilla sacrificed me on her personal PR altar]"

    Largely, though, Harry blames the British press for his family's faults and tenuous relationships.

    He asserts that it was the paparazzi who chased his mother, which led to the car crash; it was the tabloids who published racist pieces about Meghan Markle, which led to her having suicidal ideations; it is the press who the royal family spills secrets to in exchange for keeping their own names out of headlines; and it's this toxic idea that having good coverage will lead to more money in their foundations and more acceptance of the throne that creates a rivalry between them all. 

    Anderson saying "It's hard for anybody to imaging a family dynamic that so 'Game of Thrones' without dragons'"

    After watching the explosive interview, people immediately took to Twitter to share their honest, ruthless, and sometimes funny thoughts. Here's what was said:


    Prince Harry showing up to the 60 minutes interview:

    HBO / Via Twitter: @notcapnamerica


    Seeing years of rehabilitation of Camilla’s image go up in flames. I’m here for all of it.😂😂😂😂 #60Minutes

    Via Twitter: @KimMetalGuitars


    Harry avenging Diana right now exposing Camilla for colluding with the press #60Minutes

    World of Wonder / Via Twitter: @dreamandthehope


    Not Anderson putting the palace on blast, saying that 60 Minutes reached out to them for comment and the palace demanded a full report of the interview before they would say anything. “Which we never do.” 😭💀 #60Minutes

    Via Twitter: @dianelyssa


    Prince Harry has taken the gloves out. This has nothing, and I mean nothing to do with Meghan. He would have eventually did this regardless because he has felt this way for a while. #60Minutes

    Via Twitter: @misskristilyn


    I appreciate Prince Harry’s willingness to take a sledge hammer to generational curses… hoping he’s also still in therapy because he is carrying a lot. #60Minutes

    Via Twitter: @lmichellespeaks


    This Prince Harry interview on 60 minutes is powerful. You can still hear the grief in his voice from losing his mother. He was in denial that she *actually* died until his 20s. Says he thought maybe it was a plan and they’d reunite at some point. That’s deep pain.

    Via Twitter: @natashasalford


    This man was so CLEARLY traumatized. The weirdos who want him to choose the institution that harmed his mother is so bizarre. #60Minutes

    Via Twitter: @thelawyeryogi


    wait... before you get to the bigoted stuff LISTEN to the first part. William & Charles felt that Harry MADE THEM LOOK BAD by standing up for HIS wife b/c they didnt do the same. Charles and William KNOW the press abused their wives and did nothing. they are cowards #60minutes

    Via Twitter: @drea_got_rage


    The fact that Harry was unable to reach his grandmother's/Queen's side before she passed because his family got on a plane w/o him, forcing him to find his own way there, is just shameful & trifling! And they wonder why he left! #PrinceHarry #60Minutes

    Universal Pictures/ The Breakfast Club / Via Twitter: @justwrite115


    Harry is a real man. He said I will never leak to the press on my family. I will go on record publicly and tell you how I feel. #60Minutes

    60 Minutes / Via Twitter: @meghanmood


    Hearing #PrinceHarry say that the last thing his mother saw before she died was a camera flash makes you understand completely why he hates the press, specifically the British press. They played a great role in her misery. #60Minutes #PrinceHarryInterview #PrinceHarryMemoir

    Via Twitter: @bluepolitics_


    So Meghan Markle was/is not the cause of rift between Prince William and Prince Harry as the haters said. William and Harry separation & division started long before she showed up - Harry 60 minutes with Anderson Cooper just as revealing as #HarryTheInterview with Tom Bradby.

    60 Minutes / Via Twitter: @sholamos1


    William and Harry haven't been close in years, but that doesn't fit the narrative of the Black woman coming between them. #60minutes

    Via Twitter: @oritzblue


    Harry interview in a nutshell: the royal family are so scared of the media they regularly chucked Harry & Meghan under the bus, so they would look good by comparison. And now - given that quitting & moving to the US didn't stop it - he feels he has nothing to lose by revealing it

    Via Twitter: @caitlinmoran

    What were your thoughts about the interview? Let us know in the comments.