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This Wife Circled Her Husband's Moles Before His Dermatology Appointment, And The Doctor Sent Him Back With Notes On His Body

"This is how I sent my husband to the dermatologist."

We can't follow our partners to every doctor appointment they have, but that doesn't mean we're any less worried about doctors hearing our concerns. The same can be said for Brinlee Miles, a 20-year-old wife who couldn't help but notice a few growing moles on the back and chest of her husband, Ryan Miles.

So, considering Ryan's family history with skin cancer, Brinlee took the initiative of circling moles she didn't want physicians to miss.

"This is how I sent my husband to the dermatologist," Brinlee wrote in a now-viral video of her pen-marked husband, who showed off his circled moles for the camera.

"And this is how she sent him back," the 20-year-old concluded, accompanying the captions with a video of Ryan taking his shirt off to display notes his doctor left by each highlighted mole.

Of the six moles circled, two were taken for testing and biopsy... has been put under watch, and the others were labeled as good.

One mole with the word good written next to it on Ryan's back

When speaking to BuzzFeed about Ryan's moles, which over 11 million viewers have become invested in, Brinlee said, "We had been watching some spots on him previously, so I had just circled the ones we were worried about to see if the doctor was concerned about those spots as well...especially the ones on his back that he couldn’t see very well to point out."

After testing, the biopsy results showed that "the [mole] on his chest contained cancer cells in the early stages and needs to be removed soon," Brinlee said. "The one they took from his back looks good, but they still wanted to keep an eye on it to make sure nothing changes."

After seeing the doctor's notes on Ryan's skin, Brinlee couldn't help but laugh and said their dermatologist mentioned seeing circled moles or notes left by wives often — a point other medical professionals agreed with in the comment section:

One person commented "I work in Derm and you'd be surprised how many women send their husbands covered in circles [laughing, crying emojis]

Ryan has an appointment scheduled to have the cancerous mole removed, and he will be attending yearly appointments to keep an eye on the other suspicious mole, as well as to see how his skin develops.

If you'd like to keep up with the couple and their journey, you can follow Brinlee on TikTok

National Health Services suggests that those with new or existing moles have them checked by a medical professional if you notice the following: changes in shape or if it looks uneven; changes in color or if it is two or more colors; if the mole starts itching, crusting, flaking or bleeding; or if it gets larger or more raised from the skin.