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People On TikTok Are Debating Whether Parents Should Bring All Of Their Kids To A Birthday Party Only One Was Invited To, And I'm Curious About Where You Land

The more the merrier... right?

Recently, mom of five Jeena Wilder started a huge debate online when she revealed: "When you invite one of my children to a birthday get all of us."


Are you team just the invited child goes or team the whole family?! My husband works a lot and most days it’s just me and the kids! I always RSVP or ask the parents first. #largefamily #family #parentsoftiktok #interracialcouple #birthdayparty

♬ Hillbilly type beet - Dadood

While some people felt that larger parties are often better...

...others think Jeena wasn't taking party planning parents' finances and feelings into consideration.

When speaking to BuzzFeed, Jenna clarified: "My husband works Monday through Saturday, [and] in the summer he has even longer hours, so I barely see him. Most days, it’s just me and the kiddos. I’m not okay with dropping my kids off at a birthday party solo. So, my solution is: I always ask beforehand if I can bring siblings to the party and always pay for the ones that weren’t invited if the party is at an event place."

But, a large amount of people in our comment section weren't convinced. So, we thought we'd settle the debate for once and all:

If you're comfortable sharing, tell us your full opinion in the comments!