This Doctor Is Going Viral For The Way He Treats Patients Who Self-Diagnose Before Appointments

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    This is @ThatGayDoctor — who prefers to go by his username for privacy — a primary care doctor in Chicago who has amassed over 344,000 followers on TikTok by posting about inclusive medical practices.

    Though @ThatGayDoctor does not encourage patients to search Google for their own diagnoses, he acknowledges that it is likely going to happen. So, he has a solution for easing the minds of those who fall down a WebMD spiral, and it's both simple yet incredibly comforting.

    "One of my favorite questions to ask patients at their appointment is, 'What do you think is wrong? What do you think the diagnosis might be?'" the 29-year-old shared on TikTok.

    "If you're a Googler and you have a certain idea in your head about what might be wrong, I want to know that," he explained. "The reason I want to know that is because it might be accurate, and it might be something I didn't consider. I also probably know a decent amount about that topic, and I can tell you what tests we have to order to either rule it in or rule it out."

    "It's important that you leave the office feeling like your concerns were heard. I don't want you leaving thinking 'Ugh, I'm worried it's still this.' Tell me!"

    The video, which has been viewed over 1.3 million times on TikTok and 1.4 million times on Twitter, has been praised by many who wish @ThatGayDoctor's methods were more widely practiced.

    This is what working collaboratively with clients/patients looks like. This is what it means to see people as experts of their own experiences and see them as working with you towards their goal of wellness. This goes for medical providers, psychiatrists, therapists, etc.

    Twitter: @queeringpsych / Via Twitter: @queeringpsych

    BuzzFeed spoke with @ThatGayDoctor about the massive response to his video, and he said, "It makes me feel like I'm really making a difference. I know a lot of medical students follow my accounts, so I hope they embody some of the approaches that I suggest in their future practices. I also hope it makes people feel like medical professionals can be approachable, lovable, funny humans, and that going to the doctor doesn't have to be a scary experience!"

    One look at the comment section will show you that his mission is truly resonating with viewers.

    One comment says "I would feel so safe as your patient {wide-eye emoji}"
    Another comment says "Omg this generation of doctors is a blessing. As a chronic illness patient who was misdiagnosed and not listened to for 10 years - I- I thank you"
    I've NEVER had a doctor speak to me with this respect [in} my entire 28 years of living, wow

    You can watch @ThatGayDoctor's full diagnosis video below:


    A lot of times, the patient’s answer is the same as what’s in my head! I love hearing the patient’s insight #doctor #patient #partnership

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